August 28th, 2006

bother bother bother

We all have our own little obsessions

I joined a community for moderators of communities. They've got a form you fill out as a new member and part of it asks what comunities do you own.

As you might imagine, my list was a bit large:

Random Questions????????, Aliens & PredatorAliens·&·Predator, our little friendsAminals, Fun in the BayBay·Area·HookUps, FUBARBeyond·Wrong, This no am Bizarro WorldBizarro·World, B.A.G.G.Bondage·A·Go·Go, ListaholicsBook·of·Lists, Beep BeepBumper·Cars, LJers of the Golden StateCalifornia·LJers, Sentinel of LibertyCaptain·America, Art by InkComix, Livejournal OverdoseCommunity·Crack, Crisis On Infinite EarthsCrisis·Event, Cosmic Ray AddictsFantastic·Four, Don't mess with the purple pantsGamma·Reactions, Willpower IncorporatedGreen·Lanterns, Giggle·FestHouse·of·Happy, Free Porn the SequelHouse·of·Skin, Moody BastardI·Be·Moody, Temple of AresI·Need·to·Get·Laid, Legends of the DC UniverseJLA·Satellite, For the Love of FoodKiss·the·Chef, Little Black BookLJ·Booty!, Take the purple pillMatrix·Theory, Bwah-ha-hah!!!!Meme·Express, Earth's Mightiest HeroMighty·Avengers, Cybersex HangoutMotel·6, Fanatical GeeksMulti·Genre·Fandom, The Uncanny X-MenMutant·Mayhem, a laugh for your soulNaughty·lil·Devils, Retirement Home of the GodsNew·Providence, Funky Monkey LovingOdd·Sex, Fetish FashionOooh·Shiny!, Protectors of Gotham CityOrder·of·the·Bat, PhotobugsPhotobugs, Crazy AmericansPower·to·the·People, no gas $Public·Transit, Videos & DVDs & disc...oh my!Renting·Reviews, San MateoSan·Mateo·County, Sanity CafeSanity·Cafe, Maintainers/Moderators Unite!Ship·of·Fools, Television AddictionSlaves·to·the·Box, House of ElSons·of·Krypton, Sporks for LJSporky·Reviews, Iron ManStark's·Armory, LJers of the Golden StateThe·Argument·Clinic, We·B·BooksThe·Library, It's not real...It's unrealUnreal·Tournament, Resistance Is FutileWe·are·Borg, Spidey's HangoutWebheads, WeirdfolksWeirdfolks, & The PackWerewolves·Howl

Took about 15 minutes to edit all that. I keep a list of them in a text file but they're not usaually in alphabetical order; got them divided by category. Exact count I usually avoid but I think that's about 53 or close to it.

I figured since I had this handy and I advertise the things individually anyway...why not just post the thing as a mass ad?
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