April 14th, 2006

she's sweet as a carebear

art community

This community is a:for creative souls who always find excuses not to make art,it's a supportive community for the DIY world,I will post prompt and you'll be making art (any kind of art,no limitations!no real rules!)if it inspires you!
The age limit for this community is:well no age limit if you are inspired,willing to improve your talent,but well you have to have already some interesting skills in a field of course;)I wont teach you much,I will just help you widen your creative and try to do crazier things etc...
You should join this community because:you don't have to,you join if you are willing to take part to the prompts,to show your artworks according to the themes,you only join if it's a heart yearning,no need to please me;)
blessed be!