January 7th, 2006

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Orlando Bloom Kate Bosworth Kip Pardue Brittany Murphy Ashton Kutcher Jessica Alba Michael Cassidy Pamela Anderson Jason Schwartzman Summer Phoenix Ryan Phillipe Eliza Dushku Jude Law Kristen Bell Joshua Jackson Alexa Havins Vince Vaughn Jessica Biel Luke Wilson

Alicia Keys Nick Lachey Naomi Watts Bret Harrison Drew Barrymore Paris Latsis Samaire Armstrong Christian Bale Maggie Grace John Mayer Rachel Bilson Kevin Connolly Nikki Griffin Michael Pitt Jena Malone Ryan Reynolds Ali Larter Tom Everett Scott Britney Spears

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The only Craig David community on LJ. A picture
posting community and a place to talk about
Craig David and his music.
cdavid_daily cdavid_daily

also check out my other communities:
Poltergeist Icons, post your icons from the Poltergeist movies.

Picture posting community of the wrestler Dave Batista.

marshall ring

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Any Fall Out Boy fans?

Well you can now buy this book written by a very good friend of the band

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Go to askheychris.com for more details about the book, and who Christopher Gutierrez(more commonly known as "HeyChris") is and why he's important, if you don't already know.

If you’d like to do me a huge favor (You really have NO clue how much this would help me out) You can post this same banner in your journal or on your myspace profile. If you do that, make sure the journal is a public entry, and send me the link to it. I need to know where it is.
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So here are just about the most amazing communitys you will ever seee ! so i highly suggest you join them now. and promote them. and stay very active because they dont want sluggers !!


A new rating community. But this one is different, This community is for stoners, drug users, and drinkers. A lot of these rating communities are a bunch of straight edge pussys who say no just because you do drugs. For the ones who do the damn do.
Join.. i_heart_cunts


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Join __emergency_x, today!

rating community & a few auto-accepts left !!!!!


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(based off of myspace potheadsociety.. kinda dead. make it alive like on myspace,
-looking for everything a community needs- )

join if you like marijuana!