Felisha Marie (baby_scarling) wrote in _1premadelayout,
Felisha Marie

Become a designer

Want to be a designer for us? Fill out the following form and comment on this entry.

Reason for wanting to work here:
References (list all communities you currently mod or design for including those communities not graphic reltated):
How often do you make layouts?:
# of layouts you'll be able to post upon being accepted:
Are you available/willing to participate in community themes and polls?:

I need to see what you've done. So if you can, please link me to your previous layouts/graphics/icons. Make sure you provide more than screenshots if possible; perhaps show me atleast one live layout on a practice journal or community.

If you are approved i'll invite you to the mods/designers only community (the_basement___) and you'll have up to 1 week to start posting layouts and becoming an active artist.
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