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Parken Stadium - 2nd of June 2007: A DARK DAY IN MODERN NORDIC FOOTBALL

Yesterday was the 1st anniversary of the lost 2 points, for the Swedish XI in Råsunda (SWE-Chile 1-1)

This anniversary will forever be remebered, for the scandal occurred in said Swedish teams, European qualifier against Denmark. For the sake of just one idiotic "fan", the 3-3 match was awarded to Sweden by way of walkover (3-0!!!)

Truly THE darkest day in nordic association football, therefore my choice to write in black and white.

Good (?) morning
Australia, World Cup


3 Teams already qualified: England, Ecuador and Germany!

Suddenly i dont care if Chile is out of the "Weltmeisterschaft", we have always that magic night in Stockhlom, to lean on (2006-06-02: 1-1)

Viva Chile!

Welcome! ^_^

Hi and welcome!
This community is for those who are instred, those who play and those who just like football/soccer. Here we can talk and find out what are favorite teams are and what country we like the most and who's got really good players.

I like FC Tokyo from the J. League, and Manchester United form England. I'm not so sure on the teams from the other countries though but I'm willing to know more.
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