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I've downloaded brushes but they won't show up. Here is a picture to explain what I'm talking about: http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j129/shortyx2xdope/Image2.png

I know that I have saved them right, and the path is right ... so why won't they show up?

Also, in the past when I have downloaded brushes they won't work. I click the paint brush tool and find the right brush that I want to use ... but when I click to actually use it nothing shows up. What am I doing right? Will someone please explain this to me ....

Thanks in advance!
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X-posted to my own journal and just about every icon comm I'm a member of.

(Please let me know if it's not acceptable in this comm, and I'll delete it right away.)

It's occured to me that while a lot of people put up their icons on their sites, and of couse pretty much always on their LJ, I've never seen an icon archive.

I'm posting to see if there would be any interest in such a thing. I'm picturing it along the lines of a fanfiction archive: icons sorted by creator, subject, theme, actor, whatever. Cross-referenced, if I can manage it (think lj tags).

Would anybody be interested in having their icons up at such an archive? I like the idea, but there's not really a point in doing it unless it's wanted. :) Or if it already exists! If there is one (or more) already, please do tell me. :)

request.. hopefully it's not too comnfusing lol

I wanted the pic below to be resized to 100 by 100 and have a thin white border and read: "perfectly sane" in white.
I wanted "perfectly" to be on top of "sane" in seriffic grunge font and "sane" to be under it in serious font(which I wanted to be very small)(these can be found @ dafont.com) thank you so much either way. I would be sure to credit. If need be I can provide a example as well.

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I was wondering if someone could make me an icon out of the pic below please. I wanted it to have a thin black border and some static going across. Also if it could read" Thought I had read the sky" in white georgia font please. I would credit whoever. Thank you!

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I just have 3 requests =) I would really apriciate it alot! All i want is the 3 pics to 100x100 and with my user ame Crazybbeautyful on it somewhere in small Pink letters!
I will be happy with what u come up with :) Thanks so much !

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