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[1-9] Big Bang Theory
[10-40] Chuck
[41] (500) Days of Summer
[42-46] Angels and Demons
[47-51] Pride and Prejudice
[52-53] Shakespeare In Love
[54-60] Practical Magic
[61-65] Joseph Gordon-Levitt
[66-101] Megan Fox
[102-114] Olivia Wilde
[115-126] Alexis Beldel

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bear jew


No one has posted here in almost a year. That is the sadness.

Anyway, finally got around to seeing the movie last night. <33

Anyone know where I can find an avatar of Patrick/Heath lighting his cigarette in the science classroom via bunsen burner? (Animated preferable.)


major bumpage!

Hey all! New to the community, although it would appear not a lot has been happening lately...

Wondering if anyone knew where I could get a 10 Things mood theme? Preferably animated, but anything's fine at this point. If not, would anyone be interested in making one? Thanks! :)
MM-Just about to Break

Who Maintain/Moderates this community?

Im just curious as the two people who are listed no longer seem to have Current/Active LJ'S.

Im more than happy to offer my Services of Maintaining the Community as I have a Love for Heath being the Crazy Aussie Woman I am.

Plus I also run/maintain 2 Communities of my own.

Check them out

jo_sam & supernaturalfam cause Im a Huge SPN Fan.

Hope to chat to many of you soon.
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01-53 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
54-61 10 Things I Hate About You

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15. 57. 59.

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