>>SpEaK nOw Or FoReVeR hOlD yOuR PeAcE<<

>>WhY kEeP iT ALL iN?<<

The Bold, The Beautiful & The Bitchy
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1. You must fill out the application at the bottom of this page in order to join the community.

2. You must be stamped to post. ((This means that if your not a Stamped member, then you can only make comments on post. If Stamped, then feel free to post whatever you wish...within reason.)) You may also comment on new applicants, we will consider what you say, but in the end, we overrule you. But, your comments help make our decisions easier!

3. No promotions in the community UNLESS permission was granted by the Mods. ((And this is being repeatedly broken, therefore, you either start following it, or leave. We don't have rules for nothing))

4. On Posting:
You can talk about anything you'd like whether it be boys, music, make-up, shopping, stupid people...whatever. You can vent about things that you cannot normally write in your personal journal. We can also give you advice if you ask. Ask questions, we'll should answer them.

5. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST HAVE AN LJ CUT TO EVEN BE CONSIDERED!!! ((This means, if it is not cut...then your automaticly declined membership.))

6. If you declined, you have ONLY 3 days to re-apply. Re-applying is YOUR choice. ((This only works for the first time you apply. After that, give up...because we won't let you in.))

7. WE WILL NOT DISCRIMINATE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM! =) yes, pictures are asked of you but its not to rate you and its not required but please explain in GREAT DETAIL if needed. its simply to see what your style is like, how you present yourself.

8.New Age Requirement: must be at least 16 years old but if you feel that youre not such a "tween," you can try but please, be honest with yourself. theres just too many babies.

9. In your cut for applying, it must say "i dont need your shit today" this will be changing every so often too, just to make sure youre reading the rules.

10. starting sometime soon, ill be posting it when, you will be required to post once a week or youll be removed. and if theres ever a "community activity" you better fill it out within two days. but uh..this doesnt count as your own post.

11. if you get kicked out, do not reapply. youre obviously not wanted so please, dont bother.

12. all entries must be under a cut. it takes up too much room so if youre caught without one, it will be deleted, wont count, and youll have to do it over again.

13. no more warnings. if you screw up, youre out.

14. if one mod likes you but the other is "so-so" about you, you better watch it. you pist one of them off and youre gone. no questions asked.

15. ALL RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED!! If not, we'll kick yo ass out! These are not posted just for our health!


1. Full name:
2. Age:
3. Gender:
4. Location:
5. Single? Taken? Not sure?:
6. Job? Where? ((and if you state your a model, you must prove that fact.)):
7. Define Personal Hygiene:
8. Sexual preference:

Show Us Your Boldness

1. Name three ways in which you are bold?
(( If your not sure what bold means, grab a dictionary))

How Are You Beautiful?

1. Submit up to three pictures of yourself:
((-if you do not have any pictures of yourself for the time
being, then please describe yourself with great detail for

Prove Your The Bitch It Takes To Hang With Us:

1. Describe your personality:

2. What the "Bitchy-ist" thing you've ever done?

3. Name four ways you let you inner bitch shine through all day:

4. And, since you claim your such a bitch...then define it, in your own words:
((We will check these answers to see if they can be found in any dictionary...so, please, don't try to pull something on us. It won't work.))



1. Top 5 favorite bands:
2. Prefered type(s)/Genre(s) of music:
3. If given the chance to marry Dave Grohl, would you? why or why not?:
4. Best concerts you have attended:


1. Color?:
2. Style ((i.e. Preppy, punk, goth, girly etc.)):
3. CD:
4. Movie:
5. Actor/Actress:
6. Type of movie ((I.E. Comedy, horror, action...etc.))
7. Store:
8. Article of clothing:
9. Person to be around:
10. Place to visit:
11. Place to be:
12. Hobbies/interests?:

Hard Stuff

1. What makes you differnt than everyone else?:

2. Why do you want to join?:

3. Why should we let you in?:


||(Left to Right))Steph and Melissa||Homecoming '03||


1. Full name:Melissa Lynn
2. Age: Seventeen!
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: Michigan
5. Single? Taken? Not sure?: Very much single
6. Job? Where?: Build-a-bear Workshop
7. Define Personal Hygiene: I am not giving you mine...that way you can't copy it!!
8. Sexual preference: Men, men, men, men, MEN!
9. ((optional)) Submit up to 3 pictures of self: I'll give u one...later.


1. Top 5 favorite bands:
-Goo Goo Dolls
-Van Halen
-The Who
-Blink 182
*-Third Eye Blind
*-The Verve
2. Prefered type(s)/Genre(s) of music: Rock--Alternative, Modern, Classic, 80's, punk...
3. If given the chance to marry Dave Grohl, would you? why or why not?: No, my wonderful, darling, lovely Stephanie is going to!
4. Best concerts you have attended: Van Halen & The Who


1. Color?: (s) as in plural... 1)Midnight Blue 2) hot pink 3) orange and 4) Black
2. Style ((i.e. Preppy, punk, goth, girly etc.)): Preppy punk is what I would define myself as most of the time.
3. CD: Anything Goo Goo Dolls is my fav. Also, Incubus-Morning View
4. Movie: The Notebook... I hate it..and I love it. Weird.
5. Actor/Actress: Julia Roberts & Brad Pitt
6. Type of movie ((I.E. Comedy, horror, action...etc.)): Horror
7. Store: Tie- Either Hollister or Pac Sun
8. Article of clothing: Nothing? jk socks. lol
9. Person to be around: preferably no one...but maybe Stephanie or a hott guy...Which ever shows up at my door first...which, would be Stephanie. lol
10. Place to visit: My bedroom.
11. Place to be: Bedroom again.
12. Hobbies/interests?: sleeping.


1. Full name: Stephanie Lynn
2. Age: 7teen
3. Gender: Girly
4. Location: Michigan
5. Single? Taken? Not sure?: confused.
6. Job? Where?: Build-a-bear
7. Define Personal Hygiene: tsk tsk... that's cheating.
8. Sexual preference: Im straight.
9. ((optional)) Submit up to 3 pictures of self: nuh uh


1. Top 5 favorite bands:
-Social Code
-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2. Prefered type(s)/Genre(s) of music: i like almost all..classic, punk, rock, pop, 80s...
3. If given the chance to marry Dave Grohl, would you? why or why not?: You better believe it!
4. Best concerts you have attended: TechN9ne and now GREEN DAY! it was so effing awesome!


1. Color?: Pink
2. Style ((i.e. Preppy, punk, goth, girly etc.)): im not sure how you would descibe it anymore.
3. CD: the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Fever to Tell" or Jet's Get Born..or maybe Social COde...or MCR..i cant decide..i like them all.
4. Movie: Romeo & Juliet or West Side Story, the virgin suicides, detroit rock city
5. Actor/Actress: Brad Pitt
6. Type of movie ((I.E. Comedy, horror, action...etc.)): One that's not cheesy and sucky.
7. Store: Hollister, Ambercrombie and Pac Sun
8. Article of clothing: Underwear
9. Person to be around: Melissa...for at least right now. ((I resent that--Melissa))
10. Place to visit: my auntie joycee's
11. Place to be: in my bed.
12. Hobbies/interests?: sports, music, writing, shopping...stuff that deals with all that and then some.

punk_babe_07 is now mandalee07


--This is for all the little cowards who could not take the heat and sting of rejection, so they deleted their application or comments to it. Like they say, if you cannot take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. --

thinkingofyou06 -Deleted her App.
xdreamsofshamex -Couldn't handle rejection so decided not to apply.
blondey_ I grew tired of waiting for her app.
lilblondie_2 Hers too.
flutterby666 And hers too.

toevrybrknheart not a member and then posted.
dorks_rock56 Decided she was too good to post an app. but bitchy enough to comment on others.

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