thE lunchtablE

for the rad and rad alikE

only the rAd can sit at the luncH tablE
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Hey losers! Read the fucking rules.

1- Obey the mods in all their glory. They know more than you, are cooler than you, and run the fucking community. If you are cool, you can become a mod. Keep on dreaming, suckas.
2- If you are offended by boys kissing, cursing, and complete and utter lack of class, then this is the community for you.
3- Dont make fun of people if they dont have it coming. So all you anti-semetic/anti-black/homophobic fucks can go die.
4- The last question must be answered with one of the following: -squirril! -oh snap. -choke on it.
5- Dont be a loser. You will be banned.
6- Avoid pissing off people. You will be banned, and then mocked, and then tar and feathered.
7- Dont get all pissy if you arent accepted. You can re-apply twice, and after that, NO MORE APPLICATIONS FOR YOU!
8- Keep the questions in your application, and keep them bold if you dont know the html for bold, its this: <*b*>text goes hurr<*/*b*> (just without the *'s)


Whats your name, motha fucka?
How old are you?
Where you from?

-Name five of the best bands ever, and why they kick ass.
-Name five of the worst bands ever, and why they suck ass.
-If you could only listen to one cd for the rest of your life, what would it be?

-Give three movies that you lurve.
-Three movies you hate:
-The last movie you saw:
-The one celebrity you want to see dead:

-A-mazing tv show?
-Shit tv show?

-So, what is emo to you?
-What do you think of the straightXedge folks out there?
-How does one become "raD"?
-How is the world treating you?

-Say something nice that will get you accepted.
-Post a link to a funny picture, so we will smile and laugh and love you forever.
-Why do you deserve to sit at _0ur_lunchtable?
-Will you promote? THEN DO IT!
-Where will you go when the volcano blows?