Courtney (flamingopink0) wrote in _0h_afreelayout,

Joing XXX Forums!

Alright, So in case you were wondering what happened to the images, the web host went down. I lost the pictures.

And This totally goes against my rule. But Hey, This is my community so:

Join XXX Forums!
Meet new people. Share your thoughts on just about anything. It's an awesome place, and Tons of fun.
If you join please say Flamingopink0 (Me) Referred you - In this board. I'd greatly appreciate it! Post here letting me know if you joined too, I'm eager to see if any of you do!

As soon as I get things squared away, New image host and all kinds of stuff. I will be totally revamping _0h_afreelayout. New layouts, New look, Icons. The works!
Stick around, and thanks for being patient.

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