Courtney (flamingopink0) wrote in _0h_afreelayout,

I have put my time, and effort into making these layouts for you all.
I've seen plenty of people NOT crediting, and Now I've seen things being stolen.

So first off.
Lux_; You may have deleted the stolen layout, and all of your entries so I coudn't respond back to you, but I still have the proof that you did it. Sorry sweetie.
You're going to be reported to Stolen layout communities across Livejournal. Not under just that screen name either.
ispeakwhale_, and or _hakunamatata community.

That's shallow and pathetic. You completely stole my layout, and edited to your best ablitity, the Funny thing is you didn't change the font, the order of my navigation, or the comment links you dumbass.

I AM SICK of everyone trying to submit their layouts, layout requests, or advertisments.
READ the rules.
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