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It's been awhile

Wow! Okay, Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything or responded to you guys I've been extremly Busy.
Some new things I wanna tell you about;
We've hit 1,000+ Members! (congrats) So Now it's an open membership for anyone to join, You won't need to be accepted by me or anything you just join.
Secondly I don't want to completely eliminate your posting privillages (although I may eventually), I do however have them all moderated. So they will not imididatly show up here, They won't show up until I aprove them (If infact I do aprove the message).

No Requests being taken:
You may not ask me to create you your own layout until I say otherwise.
That also means, If you want to edit the layout we provided you but you're not sure on how to do so, Please Do not Ask me to do it for you, You can easily go to a Help Community on livejournal. I suggest Everything_lj. Check out their memories you should find everything that you may need, there. It's not that I don't want to help you guys, but I do have a life outside of Livejournal and If I could help every single one of you that would be wonderful but It's absolutely impossible for me to do so. :)

I will be creating some new layouts soon, Not sure when but soon!
If you can't view the layouts, It's because you DON'T have us on your friends list
simply add us, and whalaa!

I reccently deleted a couple of posts. Either you broke the rules by advertising for your community, or it was a request. Or I was just cleaning up the page! Sorry!
There is a specific place for you to advertise- Take the time to read the sidebar and you will see where. You're welcome to advertise all you want in that post but if you advertise elsewhere I will delete the post.
Requestees- I am not taking requests right now, just to clean up the page a big I deleted your current requests. So sorry But I will inform you all when I am infact taking requests.

If you have any questions feel free to email me, or Post here. Either way I'll be sure to respond.
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