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requested help me PLEASE?

i feel like such an idiot.. so i deleted my ENTIRE layout it was soo flippin sweet but i had to have someone walk me through making the codes... practically do it for me... so when i being the idiot i am deleted it RUINED the WHOLE thing... and i was hoping maybe someone can help me.. i wanna change the comment words but i know you do that throught the paid member adv. customizations thing and i like my color scheme. but i change how it says friends and calender and what not. and i wanna make it so thought light up from behind like have a hot pink glow behind them.. and i kno how to change the background image. but i wanna fix it so all the entries are on the left. and the background stays in place and it comes up from the bottom and maybe has a hot pink dotted outline around the entry... ya that would be incredibly amazing and i WOULD REALLY appreciate it if anyone could help thank you soo much for even taking the time to read this.. much appreciation -x-Mac-x-
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