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NO DELETE! [27 Apr 2012|02:58am]
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Оригинал взят у nezaniatoe_imia в погиб курсант и инструктор Read more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у dotspiral в монолог...продолжается - франсуаза куарез (таково ееRead more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у personanongrato в китай не имеет намерения скупить европуRead more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у dotspiral в монолог...продолжается - (я вас еще неRead more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у mariamagdalena в мария магдалена святая блудница - заходит хаус к фоману...Read more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у dotspiral в монолог...продолжается - осознанно" подумаешь, всего-тоRead more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у personanongrato в избиение украинских журналистов кавказцами Read more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у mariamagdalena в мария магдалена святая блудница - ликбез для наёмных работников: сколько получает государство с вашей зарплатыRead more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у ni4toneslishkom в слишком красивый для тебя, родная - dixionRead more...Collapse )

New Community! [19 Jun 2008|09:21am]

Come join logan_zoey!!!

[Fic] Aftermath [14 Apr 2008|10:14am]

Title: Aftermath
Author: Winter Ashby (rosweldrmr)
Disclaimer: Zoey 101© Dan Schneider & Nickelodeon
Rating: K+
Timeline: Now, I KNOW that Blix Van happens after Wrestling Match, and I mention that event, even though this is supposed to take place directly after the meet, so just ignore that. Other than that, this should be canon-complacent.
Summary: Why did Logan really get beat up by Javers after the Wrestling Match? (Unrequited Logan & Zoey and slight hints of Logan & Quinn)
Authors Notes: I have been trying to finish this fic for so long now. I started it after I saw Blix Van. (A long time ago.) But I kept putting it off, because I didn't know how I wanted to end it. But then the new season started, and I decided that Quinn & Logan were the best couple ever!! (See the Eskimo Kiss moment if you don't believe me.) So, in the end, this fic became a little different than I intended to. Although, there was always a hint of Logan/Quinn - there is a lot more now. I never really thought Zoey/Logan was a good pair, I just always thought that he totally had a thing for her. Thus, because unrequited Logan/Zoey and hints of Quinn/Logan. I hope you all enjoy, and watch the new season. Sooooooo cute.

Community Pimpage [27 Mar 2008|09:58am]

Come join logan_quinn!

Disclaimer: There WILL be spoilers for Zoey 101 Season 4.

Come, check it out - you know you want to.

Icons, multifandom [04 Sep 2007|09:54pm]

(9) Avatar: The Last Airbender (Season 3 Spoilers)
-->(4) Mai/Zuko
-->(2) Katara
-->(1) Toph
-->(1) Teo
-->(1) Young Roku
(2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Dawn/Spike, Spike/Willow]
(6) Degrassi: The Next Generation [Emma/Jay (4), Emma/Toby (2)]
(3) Flight 29 Down [Eric/Nathan (2), Jackson/Daley]
(1) Harry Potter [Draco/Hermione]
(1) Phil of the Future [Phil/Keely]
(1) Veronica Mars [Veronica/Dick]
(2) Zoey 101 [Group]


Samples Samples Samples

(Fake cut to icon journal)

[24 Dec 2006|06:23pm]


^^^It's stil being fixed up but it's still joinable ^_^

[02 Oct 2005|08:33pm]

does anyone have any kristin herrera icons?
i've been looking but can't find any at all!
and she's my fav. character from the show, even tho she's not on it anymore.

thankss in advance!


some icons. [14 Jun 2005|05:27pm]

(1) Brie Larson
(1) Dakota Fanning
(1) Jordan Hinson
(1) Kristin Herrera

(fake lj cut">)

[26 Apr 2005|11:36am]

xcxhxexlxsx << Check her out!! She's in a short film with Matthew Underwood (Logan on Zoey 101)  She seems really cool and nice.  I'm sure if anyone wants to talk to her or ask her questions she'll add you!

[23 Apr 2005|09:29pm]

My ramblings about the show...Collapse )

Welp, just thought I'd give a little update.


[17 Apr 2005|10:34am]

Just five icons for now :) They suck, but oh well.

01 7th Heaven
01 Alexa Nikolas
01 Amy Bruckner
01 Kristin Herrera


(fake lj cuts a rocka)

x-posted to related comms.

[16 Apr 2005|11:13pm]

I was just wondering can anyone make an animated zoey 101 icon, where it shows Zoey and Chase or one with all of the main characters, and can it say "believe in yourself, come follow me" from Jamie Lynn's Song

thanx <3


posted also too zoey101

oh and hollerback__ where in NS do you live??

First post. [13 Apr 2005|08:37pm]
Hey there. This is a community based on the hit teen show Zoey 101. Feel free to join &ask questions, post icons, banners, etc, post about favorite episodes or anything you want that has anything to do with Zoey 101 or the cast. Please put any questions or observations about episodes under a lj cut so as not to spoil that show if someone has not seen it yet. Thanks!

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