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. . . HONG KONG BLOOD OPERA . . . [entries|friends|calendar]
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you're looking through the window of your high rise apartment building. just... looking at the street below through the mind numbed water droplets streaking down the tempered, therapeutically temperatured glass. it's hong kong lights at their finest. the night markets are moving. police sirens in the distance, like any other night. gang brawls. whores in bathroom stalls. grafitti. illicit. encounters.


only a little bit. your nose isn't bleeding just yet, so you figure it's fine. you're turning away from the window, fingering the gun in your pants-- turning back to the whore lying languidly in your bed. you're crawling to her on hands and knees on silken sheets, preparing, steady and strong, with the altoids in one hand and the razorblade in the other.

getting ready to snort another line of heroin off the stomach of the cheapest harlot you could find.

...enter our world...?

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An Encounter [15 Jan 2006|09:19pm]

[shen-yu + crofton]

Crofton loved it when his father was gone on business trips. It meant that he could not only hang out with his friends twenty million times more often than he could when the man was there, but he could also get in more fun time. That fun time usually consisted of sleeping on the counter and re-arranging the store. And, well, if he got in more sewing? ...Hello, more outfits for him! :DCollapse ).
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Denial. [15 Jan 2006|07:36pm]

[gabriel + akiyama]

It was one thing to be high at home, watching the familiar properties of normal possessions turn from mundane to quite extraordinary. Some bounce up. Some cleaned. Some work. Worked. Worked.

It was quite another thing to be high outside of the home; foreign properties, physical, visual, aural, and so on, jumping out and stunning senses. Nerves buzzed and sparked like hot wires.

And Gabriel?

Gabriel wanted to be pushed along with the waves that made up the ocean of people on a Hong Kong sidewalk. He wanted to float along, amiss, and stare up at the multi-colored stars that were too close for comfort. He wanted to climb up the buildings and spread his wings...

Don't be silly. There were no wings.Collapse )
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The War Room [15 Jan 2006|01:34am]

[Fa x Xue]

Dusk was falling. Hong Kong lit up in chunks, sectors going up in rainbow clusters, neon lights a jumbled mess. On his way home from the office, Fa stopped on the sidewalk in front of his building long enough to gaze up at the sky with its slowly unveiling stars. Tonight was going to be a clear night, a pristine night, unlike any other. He could feel it in his body. Clear nights like this were rare. If he were a prophet, he would not hesitate to say that it was an omen.
Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight...Collapse )
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special delivery [13 Jan 2006|12:29am]

[ xue . letter . the following is delivered, along with a bottle of exceptionally fine wine, to one xing li. ]

Gentlemen,Collapse )
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Fa-ge, Xue [11 Jan 2006|03:18am]

[ mood | hungry ]

A demon's daughter padded lightly and carefully down the stairs; fresh from one conversation with her father and en route to another with a longtime friend.


Funny how a single mistake could really define that word; Xue, who had been surrounded by others for her entire life, could count her friends now on one hand.

...Fa-ge?Collapse )

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that's my girl. [11 Jan 2006|01:56am]

[ xue . xiao . occurs the day after "splatter" ]

Inhale. Exhale.

A pretty girl holding onto the torn strands of a pretty necklace was still asleep to the world when the sun rose on a new day after what had been a long night, a hard fall. Xue curled onto her side, just a little. She whimpered, just a little, at the ghosts of pain still flickering through a nervous system recovering from the shock she'd given it with both inherited stubborness and pride.

In a world in which she no longer had any rule, perhaps it was better to stay asleep, but again, that was not her fate.

Sleep gave way to the light of day, pushing a fallen star into the world of waking.Collapse )
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splatter. [07 Jan 2006|04:52am]

[ faggy . xue . xiao ]

There was a macromanagerial tick-tick-tock always running in the back of Xiao's mind.

All the important pieces-- tracked on that little mental radar chart.

-- ...?Collapse )
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from the heights of the sky [06 Jan 2006|11:55pm]

[ xue bei . t'sai xue.
xing li - dragonhead of the seven stars - npc by krystal.
rain one . please save as. ]

the fall of an angel.Collapse )

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|: violince :| [06 Jan 2006|12:11pm]

[ a musical solo, of sorts. ]

'hello,'Collapse )
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This is how you train coc-k-atiels. [06 Jan 2006|01:20am]

[Anna. Roger (Crossover from kabukiarc)]

When you see the numbers, stop and listen to the corresponding song to get the full effect!
a soundtrack of actions

Lights sound where am I? On flat pieces of wood covered and smothered surrounded by men with more destroyed wood
(1->2) Must blend in, assume the voice of a man. The stance, but not the body, that's too much. Coo comfortably. Let the brass and the piano sing excited. But the words, the words matter. Outstretch your arms, outstretch your mind and heart. Sing, because it's a stage, and everyone is watching, and this is your one night a week when you have control over what goes on here. When you don't have to fight for your own space, because tonight it's yours. Yours, and your orchestra.

Get the people up, chant, shout, make them sing along.Collapse )
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The Winning Boy [Prologue] [05 Jan 2006|12:55pm]


[ Dauple | solo ]

While two hundred and forty pounds of the Greek prize fighter Iodyde scaled the mat and screamed a song with no meaning, the albino studied the manner in which the man's sheep thrashed and writhed, slammed and mashed at the sidelines.  In the frosted rings of a gaze, they would flail their swarthy bodies over the ropes whenever – by grace of a violent maneuver – he veered close, sweeping their fleecy arms into the air.  He’d long grown used to the physical investments of more marshal spectators in the battle ring; yet these men, with their meat mallets of fists thrusting as pistons thrust for a spot of blood in a sort of queer solidarity; and themselves being more foreign than he in Hong Kong; with these men he experienced a sense of xenophobic disgust.Collapse )

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One, 2, Three/4 [05 Jan 2006|02:14am]


Movement One
A song about a blue bird.

A Stage. A place for performance, where one intends to perform. How does one go about looking for such a thing? Sometimes they appear. Expansive, vast, extreme. I love them for it. Sometimes I need to dig for one that will accept our appearance and our methods. I go through the phonebook through the internet through the trees through the tin cans in my back yard where I keep my rust.

A snip here, and snip there, and she has a little man in her hands, one made of cloth. A little cloth man to dance and to pay respect to her as is her right as the Grand Mistress of Kumquat Turtle. The little man will find a suitable theater(the place has an er not an re)/venue/stage/corner.

The man listening to her babble arose from where he kneeled and headed out into the broad Hong Kong daylight.

Movement TwoCollapse )
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A Living Butterfly in Hong Kong [04 Jan 2006|04:53pm]

[Xiao-lung. Xiao-die]

AD 750

Black, white, and blue, with a chirp as loud as the markets on the streets. The cage-- bamboo and fine, intricate and woven. There was dust filtering through the sunlight, and red-on-black eyes slowly regarded the silk paintings on the screens of the concubine quarters.

"Xiao-die," he said quietly to himselfCollapse )

da ren - Master
fu ren - Husband
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ONE [04 Jan 2006|01:12am]

[ rook . swallow ]

waiting.Collapse )
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Word of Mouth. [03 Jan 2006|11:41pm]

[luci solo]

A verbal portrait makes for good advertisement.Collapse )
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