As you can all see, __Yummy is SLOWLY growing ♥ yay..

I would just like to encourage you all to get out there and promote! <3 A points system will be coming soon! Thank you all for being active. Well, few of you! Keep it up!

3 auto accepts still left!
I took away 2 because I feel things are going a little slow for the members .. since you can't vote and such. So, tell everyone you can that they're almost gone!


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The following users have been autoaccepted and not been the least bit active in doing ANYTHING. I know that we're still auto-accepting and that we're not a big community, and I know things are starting off slow, but I promise it will grow! If you do not become more active in the next few days (promoting and posting especially) I will have to start deleting you, and you will have to APPLY again.

  • imaturtlemoomew
  • _fold_and_tear_

    Ha isn't that funny, two of our 3 members!

  • And, please take consideration into the following topics :)
  • I will be adding a point system Monday and it will be starting August 1st. There are many ways to gain points like promoting and refering members. I will post the full list MONDAY.

  • Please welcome t3th3rs as our new member! I love her, and you should too ♥

  • I will be making a new layout for the community soon so we won't have to deal with this sucky-ness. <3 look forward to that.

  • annnd... members please email with your 200x200 member pics! The only one I have is from T3th3rs, and before i can add your pictures I need all of them! :)

    Thanks, and please keep promoting!
    We have 6 auto-accepts left, so make sure you let people know ♥