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Gregory Pratt

Hello everyone, I am the Independent Blogger of the Office of the Independent Blogger. Before we talk politics, I've got a new section on my website that I'd like to quickly plug: the Office of the Independent Poet. You'll find a bunch of the poems I've written on there, and it's all in good fun, I say. Now, to politics, which.....aren't.

In regard to political analysis, there's this, where I talk about Joe Lieberman's recent defeat, and I stand up for him, more or less, because I believe he deserves to be stood up for. Similarly, there's this, about Hillary Clinton's chances to run/not run in 2008.

“For the first time, it seems entirely plausible to me that Hillary will look at the terrain and choose not to run in 2008″.

Does it? I think not. Clinton isn’t going to get younger, and, if she sits out 2008, she’ll never be a candidate for President past the preliminary stages. What if a Democrat wins, or a popular Republican (oxymoron?) takes over? However, I think her lust for the Presidency is overstated in the press. I’m sure she’s interested in running, and would love to be the President, but she’s a cautious, shrewd woman, and I’m sure that her husband’s penis, the controversies that dogged her in the White House, and her age will all make her hesitant about running. Will she run? I think so, but if she doesn’t, it isn’t because she didn’t think she could win due to Lieberman’s loss: it’s because she a) doesn’t think she can win because the mood isn’t conductive to a woman/a Democrat, and/or b) she fears the reaper’s scythe.

Additionally, there is criticism of the Lebanese Invasion and the Bush Administration's treatment of it. On the subject of War, we have my thoughts here, specifically about the recent statements made by Generals in the military about Iraq. In response to an embarrassing story about George Bush's lack of knowledge preceding the Invasion, I write this: "I’d like to know what type of deal George Bush made with the Devil to give him the Presidency, but so far, Antonin Scalia won’t answer my phone calls, and William Rehnquist is dead!"

You can read the criticisms here, as well as a look at the Ukraine's recent politics. I love Eastern Europe.
Here, we have a look at Cuba and War Profiteers, and here we have one of my favorite posts, an entry looking at the "inevitability" of War with Iran, in which I look at past "inevitable conflicts." It's a good read, but then again, I believe everything on my site is, as, excuse my lack of humility, I believe that my blog is the best under-the-radar look at politics online. While I'm sure there's disagreement with that notion, my blog is very good, and I'm proud of it.

Finally, on an International and more traditionally Liberal note, there's this: Cold as Ice, where we have a post about the savage beating of Seals, as well as a silly anecdote about an old project of mine involving Seal E., seal claps and Arctic Ice City. Given that we're talking about ice, let's talk about global warming.

Read through, and bookmark it, please!

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