Ryan Charles C. (synthetic_vnv) wrote in __youthpolitics,
Ryan Charles C.

Hi, I just joined. I have been interested in politics for several years, but i am not exactly liberal or conservative. I believe in principals, not party affiliation. Although I am a registered republican, im merely a republican because they are closer to what i believe in then democrats, but not by much.

I believe in individual rights. If it doesnt harm anybody else, you should have the freedom to do it. I also believe in limited government, much like our founders did. I believe that it is the government that will always be the gravest threat to our liberty. That is why i get nervous when it comes to the Patriot Act, or this gay marriage issue. I think the government is getting involved where it doesnt really belong, and that the government has no right to look into our private lives without warrents. That being said, i also fear the collectivist ideology of the democrats. The idea that we need more government programs, more government reglation over the economy, more confiscatory taxes, more class warfare, more anti-rich, anti-buisness economic policy, more policies that reflect the belief that the indiviudal is just a tool for the common good, ect. All that stuff is wrong and confiscates individual rights.

When it comes to the war, i believe we made a huge mistake going into Iraq. It is Iran, not Iraq, that was the gravest threat to our country. While I do believe that taking out Saddam was a good thing, and would need to happen sooner or later, i can clearly see that commiting troops to Iraq only made it easier for Iran, the biggest sponsor to terrorism in the world, to attack our troops stationed there. I do support the war on terror. I do support staying in Iraq, and not giving up the fight. I support wars against Iran, North Korea, and Syria, because Bush's current policy of appeasment is only makeing things worse. Military action is inevitable now, because these people are irrational, and seek only the destruction of countries founded upon reason and individual rights.

I suppose my views are diverse, some could be considered left, other right. But i believe that all these prinicipals respresent individual rights and liberty, and that if our founders were alive today, they too would support these ideals.

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