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I am, as you undoubtedly already know, the Independent Blogger of the Office of the Independent Blogger, independent in the same sense that Ken Starr was meaning "not very independent" indeed. I blog with a keyboard on loan from God, and here we go.

My latest post, and the first I'll direct you to, is Apples and Oranges, where the subject turns from the polling of the President to Iran's wacky letter, with a stop in front of the political fights of the week (Howard Dean v. some critics, Frist v. critics, Boehner v. critics, and Muffin Man v. Baker) before closing with the price of butter in Langley.

Not bad, eh?

In my next post, we talk politics, thus leading me to title the post, "Talking Politics." Reverse Federalism and State's Rights are discussed, along with the inherent seriousness of an Al Gore candidacy, followed by some points about John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

On a personal level, I have been criticized by many Liberal Democrats for two things: my support of the War and Iraq, and my timid opposition to the NSA's wiretapping. Before, I used to condemn the program but I didn't go so far as to call it an abuse of power. In light of recent revelations, however, I don't think there's a way to deny that George Bush is Richard Nixon Reloaded. A preview:

In regard to the NSA’s domestic spy program, I have been critical but cautious because I thought the program a rational error. Whereas some hastily jumped to the conclusion that it was a step toward tyranny, I disagreed, although I worried about the legality of the measure as well as the precedent allowing it would set. I didn’t believe it to be a Dictatorial move because I thought the criticism overblown and paranoid, but not anymore. After today, there’s no reason to provide such a political courtesy and it’s impossible not to catch the scent of rotting Nixon coming from the Oval Office, as all it takes is thirteen minutes of tape to know that there’s shame on the record.

If President Clinton’s scandals were a rewrite of Andrew Johnson’s for a New Age, then George Bush’s are Richard Nixon’s Reloaded for old time’s sake. News broke today that the NSA has a database containing tens of millions of American phone records, and that is a sure sign of a program run amok. But that alone wasn’t enough to break the secretary’s recorder. No, that takes a Saturday Night Massacre to accomplish, and the Bush White House is up to the task. The Justice Department was assigned to review the legality of the NSA’s program, but the NSA refused to give the Justice Department clearance to investigate. Bush wants Americans to trust him, to believe that his program is fine and dandy, but if they can’t even trust themselves how can we trust them?

There’s little reason to trust in the Administration anymore, as they’re all crooks and liars. Not even the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development can be trusted. There are prostitutes all over Washington — and some of them aren’t Congressmen! Washington is currently caught in a state of fear and loathing, and all of it is being done by one petty man. Soon, Tony Snow will turn to Ron Ziegler, because history is the greatest passion play and Republicans love reliving the past.

The lesson to be taken from today is that it takes just the smallest flame to chase away the darkness. But things are at their brightest when the house catches fire, and when you look at it that way, the White House has a future so bright it’s got to wear shades!

The day before that, I'd labeled President Bush Jimmy Carter With Rabies, and I think it's fair to stand by that. In that post, I discuss his human rights record and a few impressive notes, but then we get to the CIA.

My view of the CIA, currently, is that it is the victim of an Honor Killing of sorts. Yes, I'm willing to say that Bush is attempting to kill the CIA for "honor."

Afterward, you can look here for an analysis of the UN and the global poker games being played, including my first note on the Iranian Letter to Bush. My thoughts on it at the time?

A few more poker matches are left to talk about. The first involves Iran. First, Blair today said that any suggestion of “nuking Iran” is “absurd.” It is. I’m proud of him for saying that, as it’ll provide some level of sanity to the discourse. Next, on Iran, their President has written Bush a letter in what they’re labeling an attempt to push forward talks. The Iranians say they’ll publicly release it when Bush receives it. Here’s to hoping they knew to put enough stamps on and, you know, write it in English.

To close, here there's talk of the spooky shenanigans going on in the world and at the UN, this post about the men in power who are dropping like cash at an Abramoff meeting.

If you'd be so kind, check out the site and if you enjoy it (I don't see how you couldn't) then do do me a favor and forward links to it to your friends or make a post in your own blogs. I'd surely return the favor, if asked.

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