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Name: sarah
Location: elizabeth city, NC
Sexual preference:straight
What's your sign? Aries

What do you think about...(tell us anything...thoughts about drugs, life, friends, family, cutting, government, boyfriends/girlfriends, gay people...whatever you like that you can relate to. Make this long but not too long and make sure we can tell when you change the subject. This question has a lot to do with being accepted or rejected so don't be totally random actually think through what you want to say.)
Gay people I ♥ gay people. I respect them and stand up for their rights of gay marriage. The majority of my friends are gay, and I wouldnt have them any other way! People who dislike gay people anger me, bc they only dislike them for what they really feel for the opposite sex, and are just UGH. Its depressing when people put gay people down for who they are.
I cant stand the fact that george bush was elected, only bc he Disagrees with gay marriage.

Bands: the used,afi,atreyu,bright eyes,azure ray,tilly and the wall,moldy peaches,the postal service,at the drive in,weezer,my chemical romance.
Books: girl interrupted,skin game,shes come undone,the burn book.
Movies: napoleon dynamite,girl interrupted,ghost world,helter skelter,amityville horror,willy wonka.

Song lyrics you enjoy with the title and artist also why you enjoy this song.
azure ray safe and sound
With every word i live again
Through the eyes of another
We'll meet at night wet from the rain
And surprise each other
With how we take away the pain
Could you be the one to find me safe and sound
Love is how it's lost not how it's found
I don't know those eyes
But i see beauty there always
I know it's wrong to love you from afar
But it's a craze
You recognize my pain
Could you be the one to find me safe and sound

Whore (promote) this community in 1 other community and show us that you did.

Do you write, take pictures, draw, anything? Show us a sample. I do all of those things, but I dont have anything saved on my computer, sorry.

Post a picture of you (no more than 4).
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