August 7th, 2005

"Watch out my outfits ridiculous"

Location:New Castle, DE
Sexual preference:Straight
What's your sign?Gemini

What do you think about...First off im gonna start with gay rights, i dont believe people should force people not to be able to prove their love even if its the same sex, now im not gay but i just hear about this on tv all the time and its fucking bullshit. people should be allowed to love and be with whoever they want not be banned from it. Another thing that i think about is my boyfriend matt. i love him to death and my mom doesnt like him. the only reason why is because hes not really smart. hes not dumb but he isnt a straight A person. and my mom doesnt like me goin public with him and her or anything and i just hate that she judges him like that, it reminds me of how she was when i dated a black guy, she was racist about it and i hate that about people. there are other things i think about but nothing i can really talk about...

Bands:Slipknot, dark lotus, icp, crossfade..ect...
Books:a child called it, and i think thats it, i dont like reading that much
Movies:the notebook, childs play, nightmare on elm street, friday the 13th..ect

Song lyrics you enjoy with the title and artist also why you enjoy this song.
Song:Bitch im Sexy Artist: Dark Lotus
the reason i like this song is because my friends actually got me listening to it and i just love how the lyrics are and how its so crazy and funny at the same time. and nah

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Do you write, take pictures, draw, anything? Show us a sample.if you look in allaboutdesigns i make freebies in there and i draw alot, i have drawings all over my walls in my room. pictures yes i take pics all the time.

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