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Love is so confusing, there's no piece of mind.

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Background: or and if that doesn't work. just a blakc background will be fine.

Text: Tahoma

Comment: To post a comment I want it to say '[POST]' and when someone posted, just the number would be good.

Scroll Bar: The arrows can be silver and the rest hott pink

Effect: When you click on a link to go to a friends page or something, can it Glow please?

Anything Else?: Yes, I was wondering if I could have a text sidebar? I example is this ' ' See how the text side bar is there? I don't know..I know it is kinda of confusing how I said it.


Thank you for taking your time out to do this. I really appriciate it.




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    Hey...Does anyone know how to add a pic on my layout? Please and much thanks.

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