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picture URL: color: black with blinking pink stars (if possible, if not just black)font: arial black font color: pink font size: 10 border(s)& border color(s): pink dashes text decoration: none link effect: glow comment links:(#) Have Rock And Roll Boyfriends, pink skulls in the middle, Will You Be My Rock And Roll Boyfriend? email address: and anything else we should know: could you also tell me how do you get music in the backround? and also i want the text boxes in the middle. thank you soooooo much in advance!!

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    going on hiatus.

  • important!

    okay i have come to the decision that i need help with this community. i dont have time to do all these layouts and i would love for people to help…

  • (no subject)

    Hey...Does anyone know how to add a pic on my layout? Please and much thanks.

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