Alicia (xxalicia34xx) wrote in __xxlayouts,

picture URL:
background color: black
font: tahoma
font color: lime green
font size: 10
border(s)& border color(s): hot pink dashes
text decoration: none
link effect: glow
comment links: ex: 1 Take this music and use it (something cute in the middle, your choice) Let it take you away
positioning: left
email address:
and anything else we should know: if you could, could you get the song "All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know" by The Ataris to play in the background or something? and could you make the font aligned left but the comments aligned in the middle on the bottom. and for the music and mood could you put "on my sleeve" for the mood and "in my head" for the music?

thank you so much!!!<3


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