Jessie (caninepawprints) wrote in __xwtfx,

Name- Jessie
Age- 20
Location- Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Gender- Female
Sexual Preference- Hetero
Top 10 bands- You're kidding, right?
Favorite Song(s)- "Tourniquet" by Evanescence
Do you talk to yourself?- Only when no one else is listening.
Whats your favorite disney movie?- Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)
And..favorie movie in general?- Count of Monte Cristo
Favorite book(s)?- The Pit Dragon Trilogy
3 things you majorly dislike- Ignorance, Stubbornness, and Crying Children
3 things you couldn't live without- My service dog, my husband, and chocolate.
pet peeves?- The sink being full, a dirty floor, the trash not being taken out, and people who type out shit that has to do with a clean household (can you tell I'm unemployed yet?)
Some weird/random things you like- Candles, forests, horseback riding, and the sound of base from a good stereo system.
Favorite store?- Patchouli Garden
Favorite word?- "Chiaroscuro"
why should we accept you?!- Because I have a sick sense of humor that won't leave me alone. *twitch*
How did you hear about this community?- rawr__dinosaur

Make us laugh. do whatever..say something..tell a a picture...just make us laugh-

Promote in at least one other place (ex:someones journal, another community, your own journal) put link here-

My journal is friends only, but here you go:

Pictures!!: 1 of you being goofy, 1 of you doing whatever you want as long as you are not... exposed, and a random picture that you like.(can be of anything you want)

Can I get back to you on the pics of me? My camera's out of batteries and I have to go to the store to buy more ... after I fix my flat tire. But here's the pic of anything I want:

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