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we're not obsessed. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
well maybe just a little?

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[25 Jul 2005|11:24am]
[ mood | calm ]

name: Megan
age: 13
location: New York
favorite bands: Oh, long list. Okay: Fall Out Boy, From First to Last, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, Bright Eyes, All-American Rejects, Rancid, The Matches, My Chemcical Romance, The Used, Motion City Soundtrack, Head Automatica, The Academy Is..., Panic! at the Disco, lostprophets, hellogoodbye, Thursday, AFI, Emanuel, The Explosion, Something Corporate
favorite song of all time: ...My favorite song changes pretty often, but I'm going to have to go with...The Taste of Ink by The Used and Burn, Burn by lostprophets
favorite lyric of all time: "Everything is tempting, but nothing comes for free." -lostprophets, To Hell We Ride
5 bands you cant stand: Good Charlotte, Nickleback, The Bravery, Green Day [...will I be hurt for saying that? My friend hit me once for it], and...

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tee & ess lyrics [25 Jul 2005|07:20pm]
Huzzah! New layout! New member! Life! *smiles*

Shortest song in existence = Walking with a Ghost by Tegan and Sara
No matter which way you go
No matter which way you stay
You're out of my mind, out of my mind
You're out of my mind, out of my mind
I was walking with a ghost
I said, "Please, please don't insist"

And you repeat that about a million times! It's great.

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[25 Jul 2005|09:15pm]
I've been listening to Lostprophets almost constantly recently. Because...I'm cool like that...? Or no--because LPS is cool like that. Chaa.

So, my first lyric post. WhooCollapse )
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