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we're not obsessed. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
well maybe just a little?

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the Killers♥ [06 Jun 2005|01:37am]
[ mood | yay for the killers? ]

ok so this weekend sucked (as u can tell if you read my lj) but before i went to maine we went out to walmart-hahah as usual- and i made my mom buy me the cd the Killers cas i looooveee mr.brightside, smile like you mean it, and somebody told me.and now that cd is like my newest obsession. so since im wiked bored.and have way to much time on my hands.im gonna post that whole album.haveee funnn♥

HotFuss.TheKillersCollapse )

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application! [06 Jun 2005|11:29pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Anna told me to join...here it izz

name: Tyler
age: 13
location: San Antonio Texas :(
favorite bands: GC, Papa Roach, GreenDay, The Used, The Killers, The Sex Pistols...
favorite song of all time: We belong Together
favorite lyric of all time: " i tear my heart open and i sew myself shut, and my weaknes is that I care too much"
5 bands you cant stand: SImple Plan...just like anna said..theyre like old singing about problems she and I have,,other then that I like alot of them

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