i think i might just shut down the community...its not very active and its just not working out. If we get some more applicants maybe i can start it up and running again. right now we have no comods or anything so if anyone is willing to be a comod then please comment. if you want to be a comod keep in mind you need to promote alot and be active. If nothing happens within the next week or so im just going to close this community down. thanks everyone!


Well this community is really unactive and slow. Please all members PROMOTE as much as you can! this is a really good community and if we get more members it could be so much fun! If this community continues like this within the next few weeks it's goin to have to be put down/deleted. Please help to get more members!! thanks!!!

((CO-MODS please be active and promote, if not then im going to delete all the co-mods and only have a main-mod. sorry if i sound mean but by being a MOD you said you would promote and help the community, so start doing your job please))


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i'm leaving this community.sorry guys but it isn''t getting anywhere
and we seem to just being letting people in here who just plain out
aren't hot...but hope everything works out for you guys & i wish you
lots of luck.please don't hate me.byebye.

by the way you can join my community its _girliegirls_
or even the sister community to mine effin_sexi :)