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About __WriteMeUp

+This community is for writers and musicians.
+You can post any stories you've written (Fan Fictions, Science Fictions, Fiction, Biography, etc).
+You can post about something that has happened to you that you find interesting or relates to a certain band or anything; or if it's just plain old interesting.

+You can DEFINITELY post anything that relates to My Chemical Romance =)

+You can post about whatever bands interest you and you think other people might want to listen to also.
+Whatever pops into your mind you can post.
+You can post pictures of anything (As long as they are under an LJ cut)
+You can most definitely make banners for the community :)
+Random posts welcome.

+Basically, it's for members to have fun with :)


+ You CANNOT bash other members, if you do you will be immediately un-memberfied :P

+ You MUST promote in at least 3 communities or else :P

+ Make every post Friend's Only if you do not, they will be deleted.

+ You must fill out the application within the first 24 hours that you have joined. If not you will be banned.


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username: ____away

Name: Anna

Founder and MOD

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Name: Kayleigh
username: xihatejournalsx

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username: rainboweyess
Name: Shannon


Please don't ask to become a MOD because we already have enough =D

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Application, Please Put It Under The LJ-Cut. Thanks

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