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__writelikewhoa's Journal

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Welcome to __writelikewhoa, a community for aspiring writers to get feedback on their writing, to give others feedback in return, or maybe even just to get their work out there. Open to seasoned and amateur writers; From novice to professional, we want it all. Be you a poet, short story writer, lyricist, or novelist, this community is definitely something you can use.


1) Constructive criticism is lovely.

2) If you are posting a poem (or song), an lj-cut is not necessary. If you are posting more than one poem (or song), a short story, or even a chapter or chapters from a novel (if you're that advanced), please put them behind a cut. Also, if you are posting poems (or songs), make sure to differentiate between them, so we know when one poem ends and another begins.

Use this code to make an lj-cut:

<*lj-cut text="LINK TEXT HERE">


Then just remove the asterisk. (*)

3) If you are going to promote, put the promotion behind an lj-cut. Make sure the cut text says "promo prostitution".

4) Negativity that is not constructive is UGLY. I do not like it, and will not tolerate it. Make my job easy. Just don't do it.

5) Most importantly, DO NOT steal work from others. Do not post stolen work, and do not steal work from this community. I can check on these kinds of things.

6) New members!: Take this survey and tell us about yourself and your writing.


The maintainer of this community is kassiekins.

Some information you should (or just might want to) know about the maintainer:
Name: Kassie
Age: 17
Location: Ohio
Area of expertise: Spelling/Grammar nazism. Beneficial for peer editing.

Contact info:
AIM: kassiekins
YIM: crashingimage
MSN: kassiebeth@hotmail.com
Email: crashingimage@yahoo.com
Journal: kassiekins

Other places you can find yours truly:


Graphics design a second hobby? Submit promotion banners, buttons and other graphics to the maintainer.


If you would like your community to become affiliated with us, contact kassiekins via any of her contact information, found above.