Kassie (kassiekins) wrote in __writelikewhoa,

Up until now, I'd spent all my valuable creative thoughts telling elaborate stories and writing pseudo-fictions on something I've never really understood. i've written innumerable pieces on the effervescent feelings of love and the malaise of not having it.
I must say, I have no right to have led a reader on like that.
Call me James Frey, if it makes you feel better (though his bullshit made a much greater read than mine ever will). For once in my life, I'm going to write about the aspects of love that I really, truly understand.

Contrary to prior belief, I can't say I've really experienced the sort of love that my writing would have one to believe.
Don't get me wrong, everything I've ever written was straight from the heart. Everything I've ever written until this very moment was a true story wearing costume jewelry.
Now i'm stripping it down.

I don't really know much about love, but one thing I do know for sure is, the only thing about being in love once that makes you want to be in love again is any happiness you felt the first time.
I can't say that I want to be in love again.
Anyone who says they want to be in a relationship has, at some point, been in a relationship where they felt happy, loved and secure.
I can't say that I want to be in another relationship either.

Another thing that I've come to terms with in love is that, with love, we're all wild roses.
You may think you're the only rose with thorns, but from a lot of listening, I've learned that every rose has its thorn.
The thing about having thorns is, when someone is willing to grab hold of you, you just have to appreciate their willingness to bleed for you.
Especially when they appreciate your ability to make them bleed.

Those are the only things I know for sure about love. Everything else is just some story I write to entertain others with my lack of comprehension of real love. Every stupid story, every stupid poem, it's all my real life, to the beat of a much better sounding drum. This though, what I've written right here, this is golden. Never forget that.

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