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to your hearts content

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As of April 16th 2006 until May 16th 2006 this community will have OPEN MEMBERSHIP. Meaning that you no longer need to fill out the application and go through the acceptance process. All you need to do is post a sample of your work within 24 hours of me recieving your request to join. And please remember to read the rules! Thank you.


If you love to write and would like to recieve feedback from people who love to write just as much as you then this is the place for you. Please don't hesitate to apply, we're always looking for new members.


People who want to join fill out the application and they will be voted on by members that were already accepted. They will be voted by quality of work and nothing else, although there will be other questions that pertain to you as a person.


To join click "Join This Community"
1. Be free with your writing. Any kind of writing is accepted, and more than welcome.
2. State that you are new in the subject line.
3. Make the entry "Friends Only" (to avoid plagiarism and what not).
4. Please post applications behind a cut <*lj-cut text="insert text here"> (just take out the asterick)
5. Fill out applications completely.
6. Please warn of profanity, or offensive or sexually related material before your cut, being as there may be people underage that are a part of this community and may chose not to read your application for that reason.
7. Do not tYpE LyK DiS. It's annoying not to mention immature.
8. Use proper spelling and grammar. At least try your best. We won't jump down your throat. Try to avoid lazy shortening of words such as "ur, u" etc. And do not add random letters... "sorri, crazii."
9. Please do not get offended if someone votes "no" on your application. If you have a problem with their reasoning, you can contact me, or defend yourself nicely.
10. Do NOT plagiarize. It's illegal, it's wrong. Find your own words. Place "Llama" anywhere in your application so I know you read the rules.
11. Enjoy yourself and be creative. Let's try to find all different types of writers.
12. You have to post your application within 24 hours of joining. If you do not post your application within 24 hours you will be taken off of the members list. There is no use joining if you don't plan on participating.


1. Do not bash new applicants. Feel free to give them constructive criticism aimed at helping them with their writing.
2. Put your "yes" or "no" in the comment subject line, and then elaborate in the text box.
3. Promote, promote, promote! We want to keep this going. __worthwriting
4. Remember to post all works under a livejournal cut and as friends only entries.
5. Post frequently, we love to read what you write.
6. Please comment on new applications within 48 hours of it being posted.


Post your work:
((here, remember, it can be ANYTHING! LJ-cut please ;]))


How long have you been writing?
What is your writing preference?
Where does your inspiration come from?
Favorite author & why:
Are you reading anything at the moment? If so, what?
Random likes:
Random Dislikes


Now just sit tight and wait for us to vote. Do not Comment/Add an entry until you are accepted. Doing so will result in a ban. The reason for this is so that we can filter out any really bad writers. But even if you are not accepted, you can always improve your writing. Give it 24-48 hours (no more than 48). I'll wait until you have at least 3 votes to accept/reject you being that the community is still small. Obviously I will take the majority of those three and if you have more than 3 that's even better.


eh, none write now, just write :)


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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Take out all three astericks.

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