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Hello! I thought up of a strange community and I was wondering whether anyone would be interested? I did this for a writing class, and I found it helped... a lot. Especially when I'm on an author's block. :D

RULES: (Though really, there are none)

Write, but don't change what you have written. Don't use the delete button.

Write whatever you want.

Let your thoughts run free. Don't even think if what you wrote is good - just write.

That's all. Does anyone want to try?


p.s I'm also very new to livejournal! :D

hey guys - check this

I've started a new story journal - based on my life.

It's name is "The life and times of Action Wolfe", and if I get enough interest i will keep adding my stories in.

Its the top Entry on my Journal Page.

Thanx all - give it a gizzy, you may like it.

(Its kind of a literary journalistic look at me life.)

Fear Less

This is a draft of an essay i would so greatly appreciate any thoughts/feedback on. Thank you.

Years ago, I was out to dinner with my dads one night after swim team practice (I must have been in third or forth grade,) and I saw one of those “Go Card” postcard advertisements that are often set out in cases at the doors to different businesses that caught my eye. The card read FEAR LESS in bold pink block letters. The slogan struck me and so I grabbed the card, and even today it’s obtrusive letters still pronounce their assertion from a place on one of the walls of my room.

When I heard about the international cello festival in Israel this past fall, I knew instantly that it was something I wanted to do. It would be an amazing opportunity, both to improve upon my cello playing abilities and to see a part of the world I’d never seen before. It was a chance to experience something I hadn’t experienced, to work on being able to understand and appreciate different people, ideas, cultures. For me, understanding new things is to fear less of the world, and this was an exceptional and unparalleled chance to do it. Although the idea of the trip was scary for me for numerous reasons, all were shades and variations of my fear of something I did not know or understand, and a fear I wanted to work on erasing.
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I'm having trouble relating to my character. Do you guys happen to know any movies with a character similar to the one I'm about to describe? That might help me out a bit and I would really appreciate it.

My character is apologetic, sniveling, listens to all orders given to him yet secretly longs to be the boss he listens to, scared to try out new things, and self-conscious. But at the same time he's sympathetic and tries to help others out, but gets bossed around too much. He has good ideas but no one listens.

Any help here?

Thief's dialogue.

I'm trying to write about a theif, a pickpocket to be specific, but I'm trying to figure out how a thief would talk. Like their dialogue.
For instance: instead of arrested they would probably say busted, or instead of credit cards they would probably say plastic, et cetera.
(I got these from the wonderful

Can you please help me out here? 


Re-edited version of my first.

 This is a re-edited version of my first piece of writing. Many people said that more description was needed and that an added introduction might make it a lot more better. So here it is. Please let me know what you think of it. Criticism is needed. :) Thank you!!

Oh yes, and one little add-in. If you've read the first one that I put up, the non-edited version, then I changed the girl's name from VON Grimm to Alejandro (I'll explain later) because VON Grimm kind of confused many people.

My first.

 I'm trying to write a story and this is my first.
The genre is science fiction and thriller.
Please give me any feedback; all I need is people's opinion on it.
Thank you! :)
P.S. - This is just part one of my first chapter. If I get a lot of positive comments or if a lot of people like it, I might think about posting the second part.

*forgot who made this D:

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 I don't ever remember a time when someone told to let it all out.
It had always been 'hush, hush, don't cry, it's all right'.
From a scraped knee to my grandmother's death, 
They always seemed to brush it off and say 'Toughen up'.

It had never been to let loose, to let it all out;
They never told me that it's okay to cry sometimes.

I guess it's not okay then,  and maybe I should just keep it in.
Breakdowns later on must be less collateral damage
Than a few fallen tears now.

Yeah, I guess so... I mean, they wouldn't lie to me...

*forgot who made this D:

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To be ignorant is to ignore the truth, to not acknowledge it at all.
To be arrogant is to be rude and to put one's self on top of others.
To be apathetic is to seemingly not care, to put up a front.

Childhood ignorance is said to be bliss, but yet, when we see close-minded adults who cannot see past one point, we look down upon them--we acknowledge them as below ourselves.