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I wish I didn't cry so much.

I wish someone loved me.

I wish I actually had self-confidence, instead of having to pretend I do.

I wish that Michael was actually looking at me today because he likes me, instead of only because he was grading my Spanish homework.

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I wish Robert would come back into my life as my boyfriend again.

I wish I had a boyfriend who loved me, cared for me and never let me down.

I wish I had lots of friends to hang out with.

I wish Rob would talk to me everyday

I wish....

I wish i could be myself without getting hurt. I'm forced to act a certain way to protect myself. I hurt people. People i care about, but i have no, otherwise they'll hurt me. I wish i could change that....
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i wish he would stop being afraid and invest something in our relationship. i wish he could pick up a fucking phone and talk to me. i wish he can realize that i do love him and that he can learn how to as well.

i wish i could hate him.

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I wish that you didn't leave as soon as you did. I wish you knew that you are the first person that I have truly been in love with. I wish that I could have you hold me in your arms like you used to when we were together. I wish that my parents would stop telling me that I'm 20 and that more people will be out there for me.

I wish for no one else but him.
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I wish I could stop being jealous.
I wish I could be happy with myself.
I sometimes wish my best friend wasn't so amazing.
Despite the fact that I'm extremely proud of her in everything she does, I wish that I could accept that she's better than me at the things I'm supposed to be good at.

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I wish for tommorow to be the first day of a wonderful life
I wish for my friends to be happy
I wish for no more anger and sadness in my friend group :)
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I wish rob would come back and be my boyfriend again
I wish I had friends at school
I wish college would be more enjoyable
I wish I had a social life
I wish he missed me
I wish rob would realize breaking up was the wrong thing to do
I wish he would call
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