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Name: Alana
Age: 15
Location: Scotland
Favourite white people: Blancanieves! Omgs, she's the original white gurl.
What do you like about being white: That my eyes are blue.
Bands: Madonna, Jack Off Jill, MSI, Kittie, BAbes In Toyland...


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Name: sarah
Age : sixteen
Location : birmingham-uk. even if it is full of blacks *emo tear* and asian people...unfortunately. OMGZ I DID NOT JUS SAY DAT!!!1111
Favourite white people: DANNY JONES (from mcfly) oh drool. ME!!!...& YOU!!!
What do you like about being white: i get to be part of this community!! & every hair colour suits me, YERR!!
Bands: gravy train!!!!. cap'n jazz. yaphet kotto. BLINK!. blood brothers. le tigre. the streets. <3 X49754309
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lolz hey i found out these statistikkkkks today.

the population of the usa goez lyke this:
white people - 75%
asians -3%
blacks - 11%
hispanics - 9%
and native americans (lyke red indian, yah? i fink thats what that means? lolz maybe they hate the bandit ppl cos lyke they are wearing bandanas and thats lyke cowboys?) -3%

lolz 75% is a lot!! that means we should have lots of white ppl joining!!
neil mccormick

let me in

Name: kirsty mcjimmyeatyoulolz
Age: 15
Location: airdrie
Favourite white people: laura baillie plz, paris hilton lolzzz!!11, kiefer sutherland hes a puuure hottie!!11
What do you like about being white: camoflaging in with the snow.
Bands: jimmyeatworldplz, snow patrol, jay-z biatch, coheed and cambria.

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Fifteen white grrls already! hehehe.

I love being white.

Stuff realised today: there is a MOBO awards but no white person awards!! where is the justice in the world?! lolz.


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Name: Adele
Age: 16
Location: Airdrie
Favourite white people: Gary Lightbody, Nigel Harman(omgz, they r like, lush!!1) and eh, YER MAW!
What do you like about being white: I get to say things like, "Kiss my white ass!" and joining this community, of course.
Bands: Travis, Keane, Snow Patrol, Muse, Coldplay, FF, The Strokes, Ash, Razorlight, The Killers, Jet, Maroon 5 etc

OmGz PiCtUrEs Of Me LoLz!!1

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Name: K-lee.
Age: 17.
Location: Newcastle.
Favourite white people: I LOVE THEM ALL LOLLOLZOLZ!11 - Brody Dalle, Courtney Love.. You..
What do you like about being white: EVERYTHING. It's the best thing, evAr!
Bands: JEW, Le Tigre, The Spill Canvas, Bright Eyes, Every Time I Die, Cursive..

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Name: kayleigh
Age: sixteen
Location: walez
Favourite white people: the queen and stephen hawkins <1+2
What do you like about being white: you kan c me wen its nite time n teh color is so kuhl
Bands: atreyu, northstar, copeland, thursday, the smiths, metric, le tigre, straylight run

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Name: alexa
Age: 14
Location: long island, new york
Favourite white people: paris hilton + nicole richie. hello..
What do you like about being white: what is there not to like?!?!
Bands: the donnas, green day, sleater-kinney, bikini kill, the distillers
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Name: Nicola
Age: Fifteen
Location: [near] Glasgow, Scotland
Favourite white people: Obvz0rs Hilary Duff ! -ahhem- & just all the white community!!!1111
What do you like about being white: That if I wear black lipstick I look like a real goth & I can get away with bein' hefty ghetto man.
Bands: The Strokes, InMe, Taking Back Sunday, The Killers, Blink182 & McFly [obv]

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