more hate claims

I also want to claim:
Peoplewho hate on Hitler with out knowing a thing about him other than he kill a bunch of people.
bitter self-righteous old hags
Idiots who don't try to better themselves
people who say "Sammich"
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i claim to hate:

1. mothers who read your diary
3.starting war for no particular reason
4.normal people who think its justifyable to make people lives miserable just because they're different from them.
5. homophobes (if arc_rogue will let me share it)
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I want to claim:
Emo[s} (that includes emos and their shitty music]
and people who type LyKE DiS!!!~@~!@~@~ LOLZZ LYKE OMGZ LOLZ!!!!!@!@!~!!!!11111.

and no sharing my hate with people... I want them all!
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