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Join this community or you will regret it for the rest of your life...

Application Please, do not write anything political, or you will be automatically rejected. Sorry, its just that we might accept/reject you based on our bias, and that would be unfair. Also, pictures are optional, but highly recommended.


|What are your favorite books?|
|What are your least favorite books?|
|What are some of your guilty pleasures?|
|Who is your favorite author?|
|Do you enjoy reading? Do you read during your spare time?|
|Do you enjoy writing (anything from poetry to plays)?|

|What are your favorite movies?|
|What are your least favorite movies?|
|Favorite TV shows? Least favorite?|
|Who are your favorite actors? Least favorite?|
|Who are your favorite actresses? Least favorite?|
|Who is your favorite director?|
|Any guilty pleasures?|

|Sleeping Beauty or Snow White|
|Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Garden State|
|Trainspotting or Dazed and Confused|
|The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, or Sex and the City|

|What are your favorite bands/singers/composers?|
|What are your least favorite bands/singers/composers?|
|What are some of your guilty pleasures musically?|
|Do you play an instrument? If not are you considering?|
|What are your favorite genres of music?|
|Have you ever been to a concert (any type)?|
|Dost thou like to mosh?|
|Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson?|
|Mozart or Chopin?|
|The Mars Volta or Fugazi?|
|Bright Eyes or the Neutral Milk Hotel?|
|Good Charlotte or Simple Plan?|

|Best compliment you've ever gotten|
|What do you look for in a guy/girl?|
|State an opinion you feel strongly about|
|Make us laugh! (pictures, jokes, anything|

Members Rules
1.) All large posts must be under a cut

Voting Rules
1.) When voting, look at the entire application.
2.) Use (+)'s and (-)'s for what you do and do not like. Do NOT just say yes/no an not give an explanation.
3.) You cannot vote based only on looks.

O yeah, one more thing. If we know you, you're automatically accepted.


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