Feline Authorette (meowki) wrote in __what_if__,
Feline Authorette

What if...

You had one week in which you were guaranteed you would not die or even get hurt or feel pain, and the week was completely free, meaning no school/work/appointments. You didn't even have to eat during that time, though if you wanted to eat you could and it wouldn't effect you.

I would go inner-tubing, sky-diving, bungee-jumping, give a tiger a big hug, eat a bunch of stuff that would normally kill me, jump off from the top of a waterfall, kiss a cobra, touch lightning, play in the middle of a bonfire, climb a really tall tree than leap from treetop to treetop, go rock-climbing up a mountain, and a bunch of other stuff I'd love to do but am usually too frightened to.

Similarly, what if you could live like in "Groundhog Day", where everyday starts over and everything simply repeats itself exactly over and over?

This one I'm not sure...probably all that above, and more since there are things I'm scared to do not because it would hurt me physically. I would certainly spend most of it studying, so when I finally do all the good deeds I have to do to get time going again, I'd be a genius and a superb flutist.
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