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The new faces of the Future

Urban Entrepreneurs Doing Big Things
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this isnt a rating community, it is a place for urban folks (and whoever else whats to be involved) to come together and share business ventures, aspirations, resources. This is a positive space so we can all be real with one another and offer critisism/support when necessary. My vision is to let this community be a space where we can help each other out in any way possible. Maybe you're bored, broke and bubbling over with ideas. Maybe you're just bored. In any event anyone can join so as soon as you get posting access post a new entry to intoduce yourself in the style shown below.

post title: use a title that can classify your entry for the memories archive (ex: Nikki's App)
Standpoint: where are you business wise? are you interested in a business career, do you want to start a small business or do you already have something established/in the making? If you're not really into business like that just put 'consumer'
Hustle: what is your specialty/craft or what do you want to persue?
knowledge: do you know anything that u think can be helpful? (doesnt matter how much or how little, we can all learn something from each other)
Goals: 5-10 years from now what would u like to be doing?

if you want you can post links/resources and/or pics of yourself or of your work in an LJ-cut. Any other posts you make after your introduction should have a clear post title so we can archive all the entries appropriatley.

there is only one rule. Respect yourself and the other community members. If you have a beef with anyone in the community contact me by email or on AIM.

Have fun.