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New Naturalist Style Northwest Collage Painting 
05:29pm 17/02/2008
mood: calm

I have three large paintings up this week, for about the next 5 days. This is the one chance you get to have these for about 75% off the gallery list. If they don't sell here now then I will have them in the gallery at Gallery 9 in Port Townsend if you would like to come on down and see them in person!

Original Paintings::
New Items for Sale--http://stores.ebay.com/Heather-Sky-Studio-Gallery 
01:45am 06/02/2008
01:30pm 03/08/2007
  Hey guys, I'm Kaitlyn, 17 and i just wrote and designed my first website called MeMyOwnBoss.com. It's a comprehensive guide to start ups directed at youth. If you could take a look and give me feedback on content & design I would really appreciate it, and please pass it on to any ambitious youngsters you think would benefit from it! Thanks  
New Mixed Media Painting up for Bid and Discussion - Artist Direct 
11:33am 25/06/2007
  A new mixed media piece representing but one piece of the deep temperate
rainforest I live in, in coastal Washington state. Love it here...but we surely
do get BIG RAIN! :-) I've got this piece available now in auction at half off
the regular list price::
Click here to go!

Talk to me, what's interesting about the piece? What do you like? Dislike? Not understand? Seriously, questions are more than welcome. Folks try to say that perspective on abstracts is objective...I beg to differ, it is quite subjective.

So feel comfortable asking about it...I really want to encourage it. :-)

New Earth Spirits and Salmon Series 
06:57pm 22/06/2007
  A bunch new this time, click on any of the images to view the details... these are from the Salmon series and one more new one from the Earth Spirit series. Thanks for looking! ~~ Chris

09:31pm 22/03/2007
  i stumbled across this community, and i joined even though it doesnt seem active. hopefully more people will find it!

Name: melissa
Age: twenty-five
Location: portland, maine
Standpoint: i am currently in the process of starting my own small business with a friend. we are working on inventory so that we can do trunk shows, art shows and web-based business.
Hustle: we are custom jewelers and artists. we want to sell our own line of jewelry, handbags and accessories. we also want to sell locally made items and art on consignment.
knowledge: well, im fairly new to this, and im lucky enough to be surrounded by people who have been sucessful in starting their own business, and also people who have failed or quit. i have a lot of brains to pick, and its been VERY helpful. dont be afraid to ask questions! even to strangers. also, the anti nine to five guide has been a real encouraging read. pick it up!
Goals: well, hopefully it wont take five years to open a physical shop! that is our goal!
Tacoma's "Night Out on the Town" 
12:49pm 08/03/2007

Christine Wasankari will be at::

Tacoma's "Night Out on the Town"

"Art in the Alley" event at Ruby's

711 Opera Alley, Tacoma

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Starts at 5:00 P.M.

Original Northwest Coast Inspired Abstract Painting 
09:46pm 20/02/2007

Hey Folks! This is the very latest in my Impressions Series of Abstract Paintings. Titled "Morning Calls" it really has to do with the very beginnings of the sun coming up, and the beginning sounds of the singing birds here in the Pacific Northwest Rain Forests. Deep, lush and absolutely beautiful. Abstract Expressionism, northwest style! Click on the image to view more on the piece and information on the starting bid at eBay, and thanks! Christine Wasankari

"Morning Calls" 16x16" Mixed Media Collage

Long time.... 
01:41pm 27/10/2006
mood: creative
Hey everyone. Im Nikki, the so-called "maintainer" of this community. I havent updated in ages but I've seen a few people making posts and I felt the need to say something. Anything. So here I am. Im going thru a transition period so my net access isnt secure and I havent unpacked my computer so I wont really be able to do anything of any importance until then. Im trying to think of some more things to put in this community. To make it more resourceful. Theres alot of talented folks joining and I dont want yall to think this community is BS. Its not, I promise ;)

More updates to come.

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Stephen Pierce, Business Optimization Specialist 
01:04pm 26/10/2006
  Name: Stephen Pierce
Age: 37
Location: Ann Arbor, MI and all over the world. Originally from Washington, D.C.
Standpoint: I own and operate several businesses, including Impulsive Profits, Inc. and the Ann Arbor Thinkubator.
Hustle: My specialty is Optimizing business and brains so that ordinary people can succeed in business and marketing, especially online. I also help people think outside the box about business and marketing. The Thinkubator is like a playground for grownups. Everything we have and do is to help people learn and innovate to improve themselves & their businesses.
Knowledge: Lots and lots. I provide tons of business coaching through my video series and podcasts. Check out my latest LJ post to see one of my coaching videos.
Goals: Growing my businesses. I hope to be making millions of dollars a month within a few years. We have some projects in the work that may help with that.

I'm new to LiveJournal, but I hope to make lots of friends here and hopefully we can learn from each other!
Large Abstract Painting - Pacific Northwest Style 
03:13pm 24/10/2006
mood: busy

Let the soothing impressions of the Pacific Northwest, my daily inspiration, bring a calming yet exciting effect to your decor! This painting is an abstract expressionist view of one of the "Three Sisters", a headland sculpted by time and water in Sekiu, along the beautiful coastline of the Strait of Juan De Fuca, Washington State.

Symphony of the Sisters - 24x48" - Click here
to view

correlation between our personal happiness and business success (crossposted) 
03:19pm 18/10/2006
Hi all

I am conducting a research project for university studying the correlation between ones personal growth (ie- their pursuit for happiness) and growth in their business. And how adverse situations in your life can affect such pursuits.

I am looking for a broad range of people to answer a quick questionnaire, everyone from university/college students, business managers and leaders, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and basically anyone interested in business.

The questions are under the cut, and I would be ever so grateful if you could take 5 or so minutes of your time to do the questionnaire so that we can gain some insight on the correlation between personal happiness and business aspirations. Really….it’s interesting stuff.

Once the research is done I’m happy to send it around to anyone who is interested in the findings.

Thanks heaps,

enter the questionnaireCollapse )
Hello New Friends 
11:06pm 14/08/2006
My name is Darrin Jackson and I am a business owner located in nyc. I refer to myself and hopefully you will to as the goto guy(for technology) my backround is an IT technician with 12 years trade experience. My articles are ready almost everyday and you may find some good information in them. If you have a specific question you need answered feel free to contact me or go to my website and fill out the form.

Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope I can be of service to you guys.
Eve's Intro 
01:22pm 06/07/2006
mood: geeky
Name: Eve Lester
Age: 24
Location: Lake City, FL
Standpoint: everything, everywhere :-) No, not really, I already have a few sites, but I plan on doing much more with life (business wise)
Hustle: Web Design is my current thing, newest site is - MaxOutYourCashout, I have a few more in progress.
knowledge: I know webdesign, lots about making 'side cash' (see my site), website promotion, currently learning more about time management skills.
Goals: I would like to have several higher ranked sites, that are usefull to people, not just money makers (of course they should make money though- dont get me wrong LOL!) and I would like to be able to work on all of this part time, or at least less full time than I am now- 10-14 hours a day! I also want to own my own store selling office accessories, like unique pen cups and desks, I have wanted that for YEARS. :-)

Feel free to check me out, I am fairly new on LJ, liking it so far. My blog is about my Million dollar Expieriment, trying to make a million dollars from home..... hehe ((crossing fingers))
interested in starting our own restaurant 
02:17am 04/07/2006
  Name: Shawn and Lauren Decker
Age: mid-late 20s.
Location: Lafayette, Indiana
Standpoint: We both love to cook, and recently have engaged in some wishful thinking of starting our own delivery/carryout restaurant featuring cafe-like items. We have a sample menu that consists of soups, salads, sandwiches, desserts, sides, and smoothie type beverages. We haven't done much research into what startup actually entails. That's why we're posting here: to see if anyone has very very basic guidelines as to what we need to do or get information about before we start.
Hustle: We're going for either a trendy theme or "cheap but good", "gourmet cheap". There are a couple of trendy places in town which are really expensive, but they are successful.
Knowledge: I'm afraid we can't offer much now. Once we get going, we may be able to post some marketing and promotion experiences.
Goals: In 5-10 years we'd like to have a couple of restaurants that are doing well!

Thank you all for your input in advance.
08:59am 09/05/2006
  im not sure if anyone here would be able to help, or even be interested. im an indipendant security consultant in toronto canada. i am trying to open a security/investigations company, to cater to a high end clientbase, and even have clients waiting. however, i am haveing alot of trouble acquiring the start up capital.

does anyone know of any investors who would be willing to talk about this?
10:36pm 26/02/2006
  post title: photo girl
Location: Boston
Standpoint:Been working at freelance photographer since I was 17 ..looking to finally get incorprated and do it legally instead of under the table

Hustle: Photography 4 EVER , teaching photography to youth at different youth centers
Goals: 5-10 years from now running a loft style studio and making enough to finance my own doc projects & fashion folio
inspirational book... 
04:15pm 08/11/2005
  hey! I am new to this forum and I am currently a student at NYU. I recently read a book that is quite inspiring for those who want to succeed in the business world. It was called Make it Happen by Kevin Liles, who went from the streets of Baltimore to intern and eventually president at Def Jam. Pretty awesome, anyone else read it?  
01:17pm 05/07/2005
mood: numb
vending machine clothing - independent apparel
FREE Credit Card Processing 
12:32pm 03/07/2005
  Name: J
Age: 27
Location: Chicago
Hustle: I provide low-cost merchant accounts to business and also run an online t-shirt shop.
knowledge: I know a lot of reason why you shouldn't use Paypal to process your online transactions.
Goals: 10 years from now, I'd like to still be helping busines get set up so that they can accept credit cards and I'd love to be selling 10 times the t-shirts I am now.

Have a new or existing business? Been looking for a credit card processor, but found nothing but huge monthly fees and large percentages? Do other companies want you to buy an expensive machine or pay huge amounts for software? Get a FREE terminal or online termainal and low rates by clicking on one of the links below.

FREE Online Credit Card Processing

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