Did i make thee cut!?


*.¸¸.·´¨`»My Application«´¨`·.¸¸.*
0.What do you like to be called? Angela but i dont mind Ang eithier
0.How old are you? im 15 baby!
0.Chick or Dick? chick
0.Whats your location? some small town in ontario
0.Sexual prefrence?: straght .. boys(L)
0.Dating Status(if taken for how long)?: sinngle
0.Tell us something about yourself. changee scares me deadly.. even tho i like it , its not the best thing

What do you think about…? More Than 10 Words
0.Love: your not gonna find it if your looken for it.. everyone loves someone wether it be family,friends, boyfriends/girlfreinds
0.Same-Sex Marriages: well doesnt involve me but it shud be aloud because everyone deserves to be with the one that makes them happy but then again our mirrage trait has be around for a while
0.Arranged Marriages: i think its wrong because being married to someone you dont know or love is no point.. just causes abuse and all that
0.Abortion: im against it.. you had sex  its your mistake if  you got pregnat.. if your gonna take the responsilbily of havin sex your also taken the chance of getting pregnat why kill a baby wen u can give it up for adoption but rape is different
0.Drugs: i have nothing agaisnt them there are alot of drugs in this world there not going anywhere so get used to them
0.George Bush: uhm some guy thats jus trying to do his job
0.John Kerry: same as bush up there.. im not into politcis

What is/are your favorite
0.Quote? " you only have one life , and if you live it right, once is enough"
0.Band/Singer? usher
0.Soda/Pop? coke colla
0.Color? baby blue or pink
0.Movie? save the last dance/ any movie with adam sandler / a walk to remember
0.Store? uhm doesnt matter.. baot house/ west/ garage
0.Sport(to play/watch?) uhm to play floor hockey n soccer i like watchin hockey

Other Stuff

0.What is your biggest pet peeve? wen people cant make up their own mind up
0.Your greatest achievement? uhm never giving up on a good friend
0.What is your biggest fault? no regrets!
0.What is your biggest fear? getting raped walkin by myself in the dark i wont go out unless i kno i will be with ppl walking home
0.What do you do in your spare time..? computer hang out with friends phone tv and all that stuuff
0.How did you find us? (specify which member promoted to you) uhmm www.livejournal.com/users/so__alone
0.Why is shammy the best mod (optional) because hes sexy;)
0.Promote Us to Two Communites or LJ users & Link us to it- [This is MANDATORY and when it says TWO it means TWO and We will check the link-]
0.tell us why you think you are wayyyy tooo sexiiii? because my mama said soo!


My application*Collapse )


Hey everybody.
I just switched Livejournals.
my new livejournal name is skaddict.
So if you want you can add me.
I want to ask the mods if they would please change
my Livejournal name ????
I would be greatful.