Yes yes hello!

Sweet...New community. It's like the cool smell of a new car or shoes but...It's just Wow. Anyways, ummmmmm, here okay, everyone answer these questions (If you want to, just something to do):

1) Name your favorite bands/singers
2) Name your favorite songs
3) Any song/band/singer that ever really bothered you?
4) Do you own CDs and/or an MP3 player?
5) Generally, what's your favorite genre?
6) What would you do to meet your favorite band/singer?

Okay I'm out of questions. If you think of anything else that you could tell about your music interest, then go ahead and say it. We need to do stuff here!! LoL.
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    yellow everyone. whats up?? I am very bored...

I am going to put pictures of Hiei up here now.....behold, the hotness that is Hiei!!
I love that picture!!

I have this picture on my wall...Know why Hiei is looking the other way?? Seeshomaru and Ary started throwing muffins at him. buahaha!

a nice picture of the group....If you dont know who is who.... The tallest guy is Kazuma Kuwabara, the guy with the red hair is Shuichi Minamino or Kurama, the guy at the bottom right is Yusuke Urameshi...and the shortest guy is the ever so hot Hiei!! .........yes, I am weird, if you havnt guessed that already.

okay last picture.....

thats like the coolest picture of them.... *looks at picture* why does Kuwabara have only one flip flop?? hmm...

okay im done. Just ignore me, im just very very very bored....

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