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K I'm answering these questions =D

1) Name your favorite bands/singers My Chemical Romance, The Used, Stone Sour, Slipknot, Murder Dolls..
2) Name your favorite songs Thank You For The Venom, Buried Myself Alive, Blotter, Vermilion Pt. 2, Broken, People Hate Me ect. this list could go on..
3) Any song/band/singer that ever really bothered you? Hilary Duff. and Avril Lavigne. And Ashlee Simpson. Bleh. They all suck and should have never been given record deals. None of them can sing. And bleh. They just suck.
4) Do you own CDs and/or an MP3 player? CD's. Like a million.
5) Generally, what's your favorite genre? Rock.
6) What would you do to meet your favorite band/singer? Probably piss my pants. lmfao.


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