September 22nd, 2004

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Hmm, this community is pretty dead. Is it just going to be an application thing or are the members actually going to write things?

YAY for Four Day Hombre & Rilo Kiley.

PS I was looking through the pictures/drawings/icons I have in My Pictures and was wondering what is everyone's favourite picture on their computer? Yeah, OK I'm bored and intrigued. Please reply. & I forgot to say before, please post them for us all to see if you are able to :)
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    i feel nothing, not sane. it's a hard day for dreaming again

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I have two job interviews! One on Saturday for River Island (*meh*) and one on Friday for....H&M!!!!!

I hope I get the H&M job. The discount would be RATHER useful. ;)

Wishmeluckdarklings. x x