Faerie Narcissa (lamortdevenus) wrote in __vintageshine,
Faerie Narcissa

--your name. please don't make it up.
Alessia Elettra.
--your age. don't lie.
--where you're from
Como/Milan - Italy
Proud blonde.
Not sure about my future, straight up to now.
German and noble by mum, Italian by dad.
I'm interested in religions but just as a study. I don't practice anyone.
--eye colour
Blue. No contacts, it's my real colour.
--some hair talk [the style, how long it's been like that, products you use to keep it lookin' spiffy]
Mid lenght, straight, fair. Cute to back-comb (I love it). I use shampoo and balsam by Garnier (clay and anise the first, lemon and olive oil the secondo), a pack by Renée Blanche (apricot and almond oil).
--occupation at this moment in time
--your ambition for the future
Art director, stylist, dj (in a few weeks), journalist, no longer student.
--languages you can speak, are learning, or have made up
Italian of course, English, French and Spanish. Want to learn German too.
--hobbies you have
Writing fan fictions, going shopping, matching clothes on polyvore.com, clubbing.
--things that piss you off
Posers, baby girls in hormonal turmoil acting as sluts out at Saturdays, Tokio Hotel.

some pictures if you'd like [3 max, reasonably sized, not blurry]
or, maybe a picture of yourself drawn on paint. we find things like this funny


--favourite music [you can ramble on forever if you want to]
Just a few bands, just to let you know the kind of music I like...mention them all would take too much time.
The Strokes (the band of my past, present and future), Editors, The Cribs, Lacrosse, The Parisians, Eight Legs, The Horrors, These New Puritans, Pink Grease, Joy Division, Yelle, Muse, Technicolors, Amari...and Yann Tiersen too. I like also electro music, can't say just a few names.

--favourite films
Rear Window, Moulin Rouge, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining, all costume films.
--favourite websites
polyvore.com, myspace.com (for the bands and events), ebay.co.uk, zero.eu.
--favourite food
Chinese. Ve
getables and fruits. Candies xD
--favourite drink
Tonic water. Fennel infusion. Tea. Some cocktails as Vodka RedBull, Frozen Margarita -strawberry flavour-, Bloody Mary. Martini.
--favourite book
The Little Prince. The Harry Potter series. To Kill A Mocking Bird. The Passion of Artemisia. The Picture of Dorian Gray.
--favourite celebrity, be it rock star, actor, actress etc.
I'd say Mischa Barton. But I'm not that fond of her. I like Keira Knightley too.
--favourite stores/shops
I prefer flea markets, but I like small peculiar shops with vintage clohing or unusual stuff.
--favourite clothing brand
H&M, I buy most of my stuff there.
--favourite quote
The only difference between a caprice and a lifelong passion is that the caprice lasts a little longer - Oscar Wilde.

--whose hair in this life do you admire the most, & why?
Kate Nash. Cute colour, love the waves.
--who is your style icon?
I don't have a style icon, but if I were a man it would be Faris from The Horrors.
--who would you love to fuck?
Faris from The Horrors :P
--who would you like to kill?
Silvio Berlusconi.
--what are your views on sexuality, god, abortion & war?
Sexuality: To define is to limit, as Oscar Wilde said. // God: vain hope. // Abortion: a woman must have her right to chose about her body and life. // War: it doesn't solve anything, just makes thing go worse.
--if you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?
Queen Elisabeth maybe.
--why are you so interested in fashion?
Because it is a way to express creativity and I love creativity.

--tell us a joke. a funny one preferably.
Two SS generals during the World War II in Friuli wanted to go for a drink and trained the Italian accent not to be discovered by the partisans. Then they went into a bar and asked: "Two Martini, please".
"Nein drei, swei Martini".
It's the only one I know.

--tell us a childhood memory
I used to believe puppets to have a soul and emotions, so I used to sleep with all the ones I had got not to make anyone feel left out.
--tell us a random fact about yourself
I always dance on the podium at Plastic club (Milan) with the song Casyo.
--give us five, made up, random words.
Love, Ipod, shirt, shoes, literature.

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