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--your name. please don't make it up. - Dana Kowalski
--your age. don't lie. - 17
--where you're from - New York
--gender - Female
--sexuality - Straight
--heritage - Polish, French
--religion - I praise the party people
--eye colour - blue
--some hair talk [the style, how long it's been like that, products you use to keep it lookin' spiffy] - it used to be this awesome purple, red color but it faded to this stupid auburn color and my blonde roots are showing so I'm waiting for those suckers to grow out. I use Fredrik Fekai and Bedhead products mostly and when I do dye it I usually use Feria stuff.
--occupation at this moment in time - Grocery store clerk
--your ambition for the future - film maker
--phobias - going blind, going deaf, losing my mind
--languages you can speak, are learning, or have made up - English, basic Spanish
--hobbies you have - cooking, playing guitar, watching movies, going out, video games, eating
--things that piss you off - whine-y bands, condescending people

some pictures if you'd like [3 max, reasonably sized, not blurry]
or, maybe a picture of yourself drawn on paint. we find things like this funny

I hope this is considered a reasonable size. ^^

--favourite music [you can ramble on forever if you want to] - ah god. I'm tempted to post a really long list so I think I will: Miguel Mendez, the vines, gore gore girls, the velvet underground, cake, pixies, horrorpops, the white stripes, bikini kill, finally punk, enon, the grates, jefferson airplane, radiohead, hole, nirvana, the duke spirit, the dandy warhols, heavens to betsy, the willowz, Holly Golightly, Frank Sinatra, No doubt, the go! team, beck, weezer, fiction company, white experience, dressy bessy, the muffs, 63 crayons, smile, gorillaz, outkast, queen, the voodoo glow skulls, spoon, yeah yeah yeahs, the bloody hollies, 311, daft punk, of montreal, cibo matto, the radio department, bow wow wow, the long blondes, sonic youth, mika miko, veruca salt, mos def, the breeders, Jean Michel Bernard, Danny Elfman, tenacious d, the strokes, deefhoof, le tigre, siouxie and the banshees, violent femmes, the occasional cover band... alright I'll stop.

--favourite films - seriously, do you have time? Rushmore, young frankenstein, waitress, candy, the royal tenenbaums, Tank Girl, SLC punk, marie antoinette, tenacious d in the pick of destiny, nacho libre, broken flowers, buffalo 66, the virgin suicides, the rocky horror picture show, art school confidential, the life aquatic, the science of sleep, pretty in pink, chelsea girls, factory girl
--favourite websites - www.zinkmag.com
--favourite food - cake, fruit
--favourite drink - there's this thing you can get in NYC in China Town called "boba" and it has all these little like, gummy balls floating at the bottom of it that you're supposed to suck up through this extra-thick straw and it's really syrupy and insanely good.
--favourite book - The Mother Garden, The Bell Jar, Killing Yourself to Live
--favourite celebrity, be it rock star, actor, actress etc. - Frank Sinatra, Edie Sedgwick
--favourite stores/shops - Delia's, H&M, Anthropologee, Urban Outfitters
--favourite clothing brand - see above
--favourite quote - probably anything from South Park or Stella

--whose hair in this life do you admire the most, & why? - Brody Dalle's from the Distillers because... I mean just look at it! Just fucking look at it:

--who is your style icon? - Edie Sedgwick
--who would you love to fuck? - Gavin Rossdale, Johnny Depp, my boyfriend
--who would you like to kill? - ahh... no one. It's bad luck to wish death on anyone.
--what are your views on sexuality, god, abortion & war? - My views on "big issues" are pretty lax. When you think you're ready for sex and there's no pressure then I think it should be with someone you actually care about. As for religion/God, I just think that if you're a good person you'll end up somewhere good. I'd say I'm against abortion unless it was a rape case and the victim was insanely young, and I don't think war ever solves anything. It just makes you look like a big asshole in the end.
--if you could be anyone for a day, who would it be? - Gwen Stefani (the old, no doubt Gwen, though...)
--why are you so interested in fashion? - because so many people lack basic fashion know-how. (that sounds pretty harsh but look around at America these days!)

--tell us a joke. a funny one preferably. - Knock, knock. Whose there. Broccoli. Broccoli who? Broccoli doesn't have a last name silly. HAHAHAAAA hilarious.
--tell us a childhood memory - Once when I was like four, I thought that my mom's deodorant was ice cream so I ate some of it and had to go to the hospital.
--tell us a random fact about yourself - I can lick my elbow. And if you don't believe me, here's a picture to prove I'm not all talk:

-give us five, made up, random words. - shplaaa, shplooo, shpleee, shplayyy, shpluuuh?
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