pixie (georgiii) wrote in __vintageshine,

--your name. please don't make it up.
--your age. don't lie.
--where you're from
    the midlands, united kingdom
    uh, birmingham factory workers?
--eye colour
--some hair talk [the style, how long it's been like that, products you use to keep it lookin' spiffy]
    hmm, could be here a while! i'm constantly changing my hair but i've been black/brown for a while now after bleach destroyed my locks. i had a bob cut in towards the end of last year and now i'm trying to grow it out. i use thickening & vitamin products and i don't straighten.
--occupation at this moment in time
    graphic design student
--your ambition for the future
    work as a designer in london, sheffield, cardiff or some other city
    coloured loo roll...it's not natural!
--languages you can speak, are learning, or have made up
    only a smidge of french, german and japanese
--hobbies you have
    designing, putting outfits together, eating sandwiches
--things that piss you off
    -> being labelled (especially by uneducated fools who were under the impression that at some point last year i was an "emo/indie" *shudder*)
    -> being copied
    -> the great british general public
    -> spots

lately i look a lil something like this...

--favourite music
    franz ferdinand, maximo park, the long blondes, little man tate, the cribs, the pipettes, the presets, the hives, 1990s, the pigeon detectives, OBJECTS/stephen paul basford, video nasties, the strokes, the rakes, to my boy, the subways, the young knives, we are scientists
--favourite films
    reservoir dogs, the apartment, faster pussycat kill kill!
--favourite websites
    elle magazine uk, ebay
--favourite food
--favourite drink
--favourite book
    at the moment i am reading soundbites by alex kapranos
--favourite celebrity, be it rock star, actor, actress etc.
    alex kapranos, paul smith, kate jackson, pixie geldof
--favourite stores/shops
    topshop, ebay
--favourite clothing brand
    topshop or vintage
--favourite quote
    "you fool. you damn fool."

...why is their no fashion/style related question here?
    i love: faux pearl necklaces and bracelets, battered white converse, skinny jeans, massive hair accessories and plastic jewellery, black & white, my vintage lumberjack jacket with silky red lining and red heart on the left sleeve, my topshop blue plaid trapeze dress, cheeky slogan badges, cut off denim minis, and old reliable, my topshop black leather jacket.

--whose hair in this life do you admire the most, & why?
    amy winehouse. there's just so much of it! big hair is definately better hair.
--who is your style icon?
    kate jackson, daisy lowe, pixie geldof, zooey daschnel
--who would you love to fuck?
    haha...alex kapranos or paul smith if you please.
--who would you like to kill?
    pete doherty.
--what are your views on sexuality, god, abortion & war?
    sexuality, whatever as long as you're happy. god, don't believe in. abortion, if it's necessary. war...to be honest, i never really thought about.
--if you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?
    anyone in london.
--why are you so interested in fashion?
    people around me don't understand that fashion can be a major hobby...and i am totally obsessed. i just love it...buying the clothes, getting bargains, planning an outfit, getting compliments (or sneering looks, doesn't matter which). a couple of girls once looked over at me with ugly sneers on their faces and i thought, well, sorry if we don't all go around in jeans, plain tops and a scarf. well done, you.

--tell us a joke. a funny one preferably.
    oh gosh, i'm terrible at this. i don't know any jokes.
--tell us a childhood memory
    falling off my bike and getting blood over my favourite red welsh dragon badge that had my name engraved on it. it was made out of wood, so the blood stained it and i had to throw it away. :(
--tell us a random fact about yourself
    i used to be a vegetarian from the age of about 11-17. then i got bored of potatoes, bread and pizza all the time. so i went back to meat.
--give us five, made up, random words.
    hoofing, flibble, gawsh, chak, woooooooopwoo

P.S. hello!
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