biscuits (lyke_omfgz) wrote in __vintageshine,

--your name. please don't make it up.
    jessica lynn nicole mallen!
--your age. don't lie.
    16 on april 15th 2006
--where you're from
    kingston, ontario, canada. it used to be the capital city!
    canadian, irish, french
    roman catholic
--eye colour
--some hair talk [the style, how long it's been like that, products you use to keep it lookin' spiffy]
    so when i was born my hair was black and i had lots of it, which is weird for a baby, in fact my grandpa asked the nurse if she was sure i was the right baby, haha. as i grew older my hair became brown and got increasingly curlier, and as it stands my hair is a little less than half way down my back (when i straighten it), but when it's curly it's juuust past my shoulders. i condition it 3x for every wash, once with protein, once with a moisture treatment, and once with leave on, all the products i use are 100% vegan formula (Abba). i don't use any gel or hairspray, however when i get the urge i'll run some Mop through it and make it carefully disheveled : )
--occupation at this moment in time
    student @ holy cross catholic secondary school, yeah i wear a uniform! and i'm busy getting my volunteer hours to graduate, which usually takes place at the barn i horseback ride at
--your ambition for the future
    i want to go to post-secondary school in new york for art
    i sleep with a nightlight, so the dark i suppose
--languages you can speak, are learning, or have made up
    english, a little francais
--hobbies you have
    horseback riding, painting and sketching, shopping downtown, shopping in new cities, hanging out in second cup with my friends, watching classic movies until i know every line like the back of my hand, go to a few gigs here and there, etc.
--things that piss you off
    when people go out of their way to be rude, when my brother leaves the dryer door open (thus leaving the little light inside on), litter-bugs, when people make fun of me for being a vegetarian, people who don't vote yet complain about politics, etc.
some pictures if you'd like [3 max, reasonably sized, not blurry]
or, maybe a picture of yourself drawn on paint. we find things like this funny

--favourite music [you can ramble on forever if you want to]
    ryan adams and the cardinals, rufus wainwright, ray lamontagne, brand new, the kooks, bright eyes, rilo kiley, elliott smith, deathcab for cutie, damien rice, cary brothers, sufjan stevens, tegan and sara, kevin devine, james taylor, bruce springsteen, etc!
--favourite films
    a love song for bobby long, swingers, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, drop dead fred, the breakfast club, good will hunting, little miss sunshine, garden state, the pursuit of happiness, etc.
--favourite websites
    myspace + livejournal
--favourite food
    potato salad & veggie pitas
--favourite drink
    cold green tea with ginseng and honey
--favourite book
    a million little pieces, james frey + tuesdays with morrie, mitch albom + the perks of being a wallflower, stephen chbosky
--favourite celebrity, be it rock star, actor, actress etc.
    vince vaughn!
--favourite stores/shops
    american apparel
--favourite clothing brand
    most of the things i own are brand-free clothing made in downtown los angeles, sweatshop free!
--favourite quote
    "everything that happened up to now is prologue to this," -swingers
    "if that's the worst thing that happens to you, you're doing alright," -my dad
    "ain't no bluebird ever get too heavy to sing," -ryan adams
    "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened," -dr. seuss
--whose hair in this life do you admire the most, & why?
    basically anyone who isn't afraid to go au natural   
--who is your style icon?
    nicole richie & scarlett johansson, they both keep it classy!
--who would you love to fuck?
    ryan gosling, he's pretty sexy
--who would you like to kill?
--what are your views on sexuality, god, abortion & war?
    sexuality; personally, i'm straight, but i think it's a personal decision for everyone.
    god; this is an ever-going question with me, sometimes i'm full of faith, but the next i may believe i'm alone.
   abortion; it's selfish
   war; desperate political times call for radical ideas, sometimes it's necessary, but more often than not it isn't
--if you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?
    a fly on the wall, i'd like to see myself in action, pick out things from a different perspective that i could change
-why are you so interested in fashion?
    i think it's an art form in itself, and art is amazing. though appearance may not be everything, how you present yourself is major in my books
--tell us a joke. a funny one preferably.
    okay so there's this elephant and a camel. the elephant goes to the camel, "hey, why do you have your boobs on your back?" so the camel says, "well, i don't know.. i never really thought about it.." then the elephant starts howling in laughter, and the camel goes, "what are you laughing at buddy, at least i don't have a penis on my face!"
--tell us a childhood memory
    my dad used to take me to the wine making place and i'd play with my barbies.
--tell us a random fact about yourself
    i used to have my lip and my monroe pierced, i took them both out!
--give us five, made up, random words.
    supes, brekbrek, badunkadunk, grody, isht
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