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Another Bitten

The boreing shit
()1()~Name Lauren but my friends call me Devi-from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
()3()~He or She?She-devil
()4()~Living inNJ
()5()~Sexual IdentityStraight
()6()~What does this community mean to
To me? I don't know, I think its really cool and if I am a member I would make sure to promote and shit. I love the formatting and layout stuff, ok basically this community owns!

More into detail
()7()~Name some bands that tickle your
Godsmack, Smile Empty Soul, Seether, Sevendust, Staind, Saliva, System of a Down, Avenged Sevenfold-rock and metal :P
()8()~Do you read? Name some books
To Catch a Cat, Of Mice and Men, Dracula
()9()~What would jesus do? Probably tell the members of this community that they are sinners, may I please become a member?! o_0
()10()~Do you like fruit? yupp >.< Strawberries and Cherries-yumm!
()11()~How about pie? Every now and then but only if its with some milk.
()12()~Are you a virgin?Yupp

Because We feel like it
()13()~Are you enjoying that we're not asking
you to tell us how you feel about abortion and
governament and that other shit that most of us will
never read?
Yesh, its an ease on my hands and fingers lol-if I don't post a "long enough" answer I get bitched at.
()14()~Do you write, draw, etc. Post something
if you do.

kiss my lips and you shall die,
for there is where drops of poison lie.
so if your willing to kiill yourself for just one kiss,
than hold me in your arms and kiss my lips.
i will stay with you until we reach the end of hell,
for finally someone will stay with me enchanted by my spell
a spell of love and lust, dipped in extasy,
so kiss my lips and forever stay with me...

()15()~Now just be a photowhore. Have atleast
some CLEAR shots of your face. And mother
fuckers...resize them to visable sizes! Thank you<3

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