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stamped, xposted and all that

Before I dyed my hair.

After.  It didn't turn out how I liked.

Then I dyed my hair by myself and it turned out looking better.  It's hard to tell the difference on camera, but it looks different.  Trust me.  He looks weird in this picture.  He looks different.

Before I went to the drag race thing.  Hardly any make up.  And like no clothes.


This is my typing face.

And that's my tasty face.

A few days ago, me and my boyfriend went to Dallas to do stuff with his other car, and this is a picture of him, his dad, and his grandpa.  They're all wearing the same outfit and it was really cute.

And there's Mitch.  Not resized.  Oops.  But he's driving his grandma's van, heheheh.

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